Failed To Authorize Your Account With The Hitman Server


oh wow really? people still having this kind of issue with server not connected? this is outraged!! I guess only minority of us having this since not all of us can get a luxury to own stable internet connection…


@J_Alderton Can you PM your Steam profile URL to me (or steam 64 bit ID in case you have it) ?
Your XBoxOne Gamertag might help as well.

I will try to find a minute to look into it, it does look like a profile specific issue.
Be aware that we are a little bit busy at the moment, especially in the online team :wink:


Anyone experiencing it now?


Did you read the other part of the message that said that the servers are down for maintenance - something that happens every single time they release a patch?


Same here. “Disconnected” “Failed to authorize” #hitman-technical-support please help.
Just got Hitman Complete Season 1 via Playstation Plus and I spent last 4 days looking for a solution.