"failed to fetch configuration from the hitman server"



I’m playing Hitman on Xbox One X and since yesterday I’m unable to connect on Hitman server. I tried everything I found in older topics and other things including:

  • force xbox one restart;
  • connect with another account;
  • delete everything from Hitman in my console;
  • change network settings, like DNS (tried google, cisco and the ISP I use), clear MAC address and use on cable or on wi-fi;
  • tried to connect on my Hitman PC version, which I did successfully;
  • play another games online, like Forza Horizon 4 and NHL 18, with I did successfully as well;
  • restart my router.

The game is still not connecting, and the only different thing I did was associate my account with IOI profile. I unlinked the account and also deleted my profile, but nothing happened. Can someone help me?

UPDATE: I tried to connect routing Internet connection with my phone, which didn’t work.


Salut, j’ai exactement la même chose, depuis hier matin, impossible de me connecter et j’ai tous essayer, se qui m’énerve le plus ces que on ne peux faire aucun défi si on est pas connectés.


Pareil je ne peux pas jouer à sniper assassin non plus il n’y a pas de mode offline j’ai exactement ce message du titre du topic en anglais quand j’essaye de me connecter. Ça ne marche pas du tout pour moi.


Please speak English. If you want to speak French, PM each other.

Parlez-vous Anglais ici? Merci.


@Gaspard_Gory @William_Schwartz english only here please.

Vous êtes pas le seuls en France à avoir ce problème, des personnes sur JVC aussi. Faut attendre que IOI résolvent le problème.


Well, they fixed the fetch trick in Hitman 2, so it won’t work.



Bouygues Telecom B&You


Anyone from IOI can help me? I’m starting to believe my MAC Address was blocked by the server after I linked the account.


I have the same problem on Xbox one x. my isp is free. reboot / reinstall /remove data cache, no solve problem.



For all who are impacted, please send me in PM

  • Your GamerTag / Steam profile page / PSN id
  • Platform
  • Exact message you are seeing (it might vary slightly)

We will look into it and keep this thread updated

Thanks !


GamerTag : byrobls
Plateform : XBOXoneX
message : in french : “récupération des informations de configuration depuis le serveur HITMAN impossible”



GT: rrezende88
Platform: Xbox One X
Message: “failed to fetch configuration from the hitman server”


Gamertag : Double G Man 92
Plateforme : Xbox One
Message : failed to fetch configuration from the HITMAN server


I got the same issue
Gamertag : Larkon
Plateform : Xbox One
Message : “Échec de la connexion
Récupération des informations de configuration depuis le serveur Hitman impossible”


Same issue for me since yesterday
Gamertag: Jloupf
Platform: Xbox One
Message (french): récupération des informations de configuration depuis le serveur HITMAN impossible.

Thanks for help


I think he means pm’ing directly to him…


I didn’t find where I can send messages :sweat_smile:


Me too :slight_smile:


Hello same problem plat xboxone gt I8HIPSTERS message in french: Récupération des informations de configuration depuis le serveur hitman impossible


Gamertag: HerculeLion388
Platform: x box one