Failed to fetch version information

Hello. I am trying to play Hitman 2 on steam. I am getting the error message “Unable to connect to the Hitman 2 service. Failed to fetch version information for the Hitman 2 server.” I’ve tried reinstalling 3 times, restarting my pc, restarting my modem.
I reinstalled steam completely
I’ve tried reconfiguring my dns servers to google dns/comcast default/a couple others.
Deleting the launcher file and verifying the integrity of my data multiple times.
Disabling/reenabling cloud sync.
Running as administrator.
Disabling my windows firewall. I don’t have an antivirus.
I purchased NordVPN and tried opening the game using that to no avail.

The game worked fine for ~70 hours of play and it just started doing this recently.

Thank you for any ideas

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Wow it seems you really attacked the problem. Other games go online with no problems?

Might be time to call @Travis_IOI.

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Might be time for bringing the game offline.
Active connection might be used to only check if the game is licenced, at launch; and not be required to play the game…

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I’ve been hammering away at this for 2 days now lol. I’ve also had trouble logging on to Dead by Daylight which I assume is not a coincidence. I’ll try a couple more online games.

I’ve attempted to ping and and I get “Request time out.” but idk if you can even ping io servers like that.

Is it possibly an issue with my modem? My ISP is comcast if that info is useful to anybody.

You are correct in surmising that other games failing may be related to HITMAN 2 also failing.

At its most basic level, network problems could be physical issues. I once encountered a situation where STEAM could connect, but HITMAN 2, UPLAY, and MECHWARRIOR ONLINE could not.

It turned out that an earthquake brought down a section our ISP was using to reach the Western Hemisphere.

So uhhh…I did a virus scan with malwarebytes and that fixed it! Probably should have tried that sooner! :upside_down_face: