Fall Outfit Pack Thread

Didnt see any thread for this so decided to make one dont see any discussion about it so idk how popular will this be

But i would like to start a discussion if it could be an Spec ops themed pack i mainly think it is specs ops cuz we got a lot of things possibly coming that would fit the spec ops theme

and a whole bunch of modified guns were also leaked by @Salem on the Siberia thread The Prison/Siberia (Expansion pack 2) Sniper map July 30 [Discussion]

Now of course i dont think that 1 outfit pack will have all of these but they have a bunch of stuff to pick to fit the theme

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I think it’s extremely unlikely they’d make the two suits from the base game (Wetsuit and Training Gear) locked behind a paid expansion. I also think it’s unlikely they’d give us that sniper rifle above when they’re giving us the Arctic Druzhina as part of the same Expansion pack (Plus let’s be honest, a sniper is much too useful, IO would much rather give us a niche-themed item which has the exact same function as existing fibrewire, non/lethal throwable etc and will almost never be used)

I also think since the El Matador on the roadmap wasn’t Expansion content, nor will the Antique Knife be (plus it doesn’t say Gold Edition for it anyway, like it does for the expansion content on that roadmap)


Like this idea but I want the fall outfit pack to be something completely new. They’ve already mentioned us getting the tac wet suit as an unlock so let’s keep that too an ET reward.

Whatever it is, it needs to be useable in the environments we have currently. The snow one was pointless.


Bizarre how many snow /winter items there are given how hot the majority of the climates are in game