Fallout 76


I… what? Why even have a physical edition at this point?

Is anyone getting this game? Curious to know how it plays; mind you, I’ve no interest in it, but it looks like a bit of a shambles;



What a mess, isn’t this the game that uninstalled itself when you opened the beta launcher or something? After hearing about that fiasco, I am not surprised to hear about this one.



It was.

No such issue with the physical edition tho; apparently some countries don’t even get a disc, but rather a disc-shaped piece of cardboard.



Thats fucking hilarious. It Just works

Still waiting after 1.5 hours to download



I smell a new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5…
And boy, it just doesn’t work.

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Hey I have it on good authority that THPS5 is “Goat Simulator on skateboards” how can that be anything but terrible.:joy:

Seriously though that game sucked and I grew up playing THPS and a variety of games that ripped off THPS so I was bummed.

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I have no interest in Fallout, and from all the youtube video essays and online editorials, it seems like the fans have really been shafted with this one.

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I was talking about THPS5 having only the demo on the disc and the 7 gig day one update was the full game like Fallout 76 but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, you’re right. Ever since THPS3 I grew really interested and became a fan of the Tony Hawk games (Underground is still the best!) but with THPS5 you really think “they can do much better”. No Create-a-Skater, the challenges are repetitive and don’t work, the graphics suck, the combos suck, the reverbs don’t work, it forces you to play online, and it’s the only game I’ve asked for a refund (which I thankfully got).
I doubt we’ll be seeing a new Tony Hawk game, but hey, at least THUGPRO has you covered.

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This is the other game I have my eye on for failure. I need it to be given away before I can touch it.

I am a video game vulture.

I wait for games to die in the hype desert and I pick them up on the discount.

I’m the guy rocking Supreme, but only after it’s being sold at Wal-mart. LOL



I really enjoy the fallout franchise, (Really enjoyed New Vegas most, but overall liked them all.) I agree with you F76 is terrible, It seems like Bethesda was banking on people buying it because it has the fallout name attached to it.







So Fallout 76, I’m at a point where I feel I have reached a sufficient amount of completion to discuss this game. I am at level 63, completed all the main quests, have a handful of side ones left to do and have experienced the game both solo and in a squad. And of course, launched a nuke.

My first advice to you all - do not be sheep. Do not follow the crowd, do not believe everything you read and assume the consensus is valid. This applies to every single piece of media ever, be it films, games, book, whatever. Do not mock until you try. You’ll find the overall negative criticisms are from players who played a few hours, if any and reached like level 15 at most before throwing in the towel.

For all the users who give explicit and detailed reasons and why it doesn’t appeal to them, bravo. But you will find the majority of the reviewers and youtubers rant over empty points without explaining when and where they personally came across this issue. Obviously, it’s for the views and $$$, ride the bandwagon.

Survival, General Game Intro & Learning Curve

Anyways, first things thirst (pun intended). It is a survival game now, you need water and food to keep your HP and AP maxed. There is a high learning curve starting this game for veterans, let alone the new players to Fallout. While the games gives you tips here or there, there is no solid tutorial to introduce the player into the new mechanics of Fallout. To the point I have told people who are interested in F76 to go buy F4 to understand the overall mechanics since F76 chucks a few extra mechanics on a F4 framework so they can see if they enjoy the game style without wasting their money on F76.

The game has basically tailored itself towards veterans players of Fallout 4 and assumed everyone who has got this must have bought Fallout 4. Not a very good start.

Environment, Density and NPCs

The map is bigger yes, but it does not show density. Yes there are loads of places to explore and interiors to find but it feels around about the same amount of locations as F4 just in a bigger map. Which makes it a bit too bland IMO. Which leads to what and who are in it. NPCs. One of the biggest issues the critics have against the game. There are no human NPCs in the game, there will be solely holotapes of their voice lines in their area/dead body but it does not mean you have no interaction. There are a wide amount of robot NPCs to interact with (which makes me wonder why they chose not to do humans) and get quests from; which helps the map feel a little more lively.

Would the game be better with living humans? Yes.
Does it make or break the game? No.

In both positions, human NPCs would help the game feel more vibrant to explore and create a closer connection to the world but it wouldn’t changes any of the mechanics that the game offers if there were to be any human NPCs. Would the locations of the map be more dense with humans? Nope. Would the survival mechanics change? Nope. Would the quests change? No. Human NPCs are nothing but a cosmetic variant that has taken over text adventure. Would ZORK be any different if instead of reading, there was a narrator and NPCs? No. It would be fundamentally the same game, just portrayed slightly different.


Yes there is a story to it. A good one? You decide. Basically, the Overseer goes ahead to start rebuilding Appalachia as all members of Vault 76 are tasked to do. Over the journey, you find that it’s all not so easy, finding out what types of enemies there are, rogue robots, the Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave, fighting each other and Schorchbeasts (The highest enemy in the game, giant bat dragon looking things see my pics). There is no way we can simply rebuild here with all this so we need to wipe the enemy off the map - with nukes. So your task is to figure a way to gain access to nukes to “cleanse” Appalachia from these monsters and then be able to “live” peacefully.


Moving on, let’s look at the gameplay - it is nothing more than Fallout 4 Online. It uses the same outdated engine and performs the same, just with minor hit registration lag (especially in melee attacks). VATS, is useless, IMO. I have yet to find a decent use for it since the game runs in real world time, the VATS has to calculate the % of hit every frame as the game is playing. It just can’t keep up unless you’re next to the enemy in which you might as well shoot them normally. It’s there as a gimmick nothing more. Perhaps shooting down an awkward flying enemy it might be useful, meh.

It has the same building base mechanics as F4, along with the power armour/tinker/weapons/armour stations and will be a familiar face to all veteran players. The only difference is that it is stored in a CAMP station. Your CAMP station can be moved (for a price) to any place on the map and you can build there. Don’t worry all pre built stuff will be moved together as a blueprint to save you’re piecing all the items.

The S.P.E.C.I.A.L perk system is actually quite good and fair as it allows the player to switch out perk cards when they want them. Every time you level up, you get a point and every 5 or 10 levels, you will get a set of perk cards to add to the tree. You will need to allocate points to each area to allow cards to be placed there. So if I assign 4 points to Strength, this allows me to place up to 4 points worth of Strength perk cards there. Some cards you can level up to 3 times which take a point each per levelling up. So in a 4 point area, I could put one level 1 card and one level 3 card to use 4 points that I assigned there.

You can only assign up to 15 points to an area of S.P.E.C.I.A.L, up to rank level 50… And I did find an issue though, After you level up to 50 and now can’t assign any perk points to any areas, and if you level up a card over the maximum points, you cannot get the card to be used since you now don’t have enough points to fit the card in.

Playing with a team vs solo & Levelling system / XP

Will you be able to experience everything solo? Yes. Nothing has restricted me to a group.
Is it fun solo? IMO yes. I have enjoyed playing alone, listening to all the quests and forging my own adventures.
Is it fair to be solo? No.
Is it better to play in a group? Yes

The game is tailored to playing with a squad/group. You will find enemies to be too high for you to compensate in the event of having multiple players vs the NPCs. It would be nice for the game to recognise the amount and level of the players in the current combat area and adjust the enemies levels to it. You all get the XP for killing the enemy which is really good, but that also means a player can shoot a single bullet into lets say a Scorchbeast and still get the same amount of XP as the guy who dumped 500 rounds in it.

Experience points is one of two of my biggest gripes with the game. You get an average of 250 XP for completing a quest. There is not enough individual quests/ content to cater you to level 100. I got to level 31 and I have got to the last mission and had completed over half of the side quests. What do I do? All I can do is grind enemies (or glitch XP) because the game has not given me enough content for the levels the game has given me. It is obviously giving such a low amount since the game is opting to continue with additional added DLC quest etc. But this game as its base game, does not have enough content. FACT.

Referring back to playing in a group, you are rewarded for every person quest complete. So lets say I complete a quest a get 250 XP. If I have a full team and they complete their quest too. That’s another 750 XP given to me. So solo players get punished for playing alone.

Weapons and armour are levelled locked now, and you will find yourself getting loads of over levelled items in you quest rewards which means you will have to horde many over level items on you or put them in… your STASH.


This is Fallout. You horde. You collect Junk. You use it to build stuff. Why Bethesda thought having a weight limit to your STASH is stupid. Let alone the size limit. Right, STASH is basically a box you can build to place all your items into as an inventory as such to keep away for a later date or to ease having too much weight on yourself as everything as weight in the game.

Bethesda made this STASH, the box that is designated to hold all your loot… to 400 lbs. Taking into consideration, one missile launcher is 44lbs. 10% gone. An AK47 is 18lbs. ammo is 0.01 but 500 rounds later off all different variants and you get 40-50lbs there, especially with a missile weighting at 2lbs each.

Now with the fact that you are given overlevelled items that you may well want to use later on when you can, you will find your STASH maxed out before level 10. Not to mention the junk still counts, so in a game that asks you to collect all junk and repair items, then restricts you to having availability to do so.

Bethesda are increasing the limit but to what and when is yet to be seen. I am forced to use a glitch to hold my items until they increase it.


So you’re thinking “JJ you’ve said a lot of negative to the positive so why are you still playing it? From reading this, it doesn’t sound good at all.”

Because the game is fun as hell when you play it, leading back to my second paragraph, try it. Borrow it, rent it. Find a way to get it cheap. When you have a bunch of friends and you’re all exploring the heights of the map, fighting robots, or digging through caves full of wendigo and mirelurks. The team work and communication you give to each other makes it a very enjoyable experience.

One of my favourite events was fighting a level 50 scorchbeast in a mine cave with a mate while we are level 19/20. Asking each other what ammo do you take, need any medicine, take the aggro and you fire then I’ll fire etc. The journeys you experience together, the photos you take, the materials you share to help each other out. Come across other players and fight them or team up. 2 players and myself teamed up with another random guy to launch my first nuke. Another time a high levelled squad launched a nuke and over 16 people was here fighting the Scorchbeast queen, what a great time. We lost by seconds but it was fun as hell.

Solving the nuke codes as a community (or a program) is very fun to do, deciphering them so that we can launch the missile.

Now it’s not to say you will have a horrible time alone, I think that with friends, it is a much better experience - personally and mechanically. If you choose to wander around aimlessly and get all confused, then of course you will find it a bit boring.

Once you get out of that learning curve and when Bethesda fix the issues. It is a decent game. When you treat it as Fallout 4 Online, it is exactly how you would expect it to be. Sure there are very broken issues and bugs, this is something that can be fixed over time. As long as they continue to support it, it would be a very decent online experience. Also make a new engine.

EDIT: Oh I actually forgot to talk about the microtransactions. That’s how relevant they are. It’s all good. If they pull an CoD, I’ll update.



ahh… fo76, where physical copies for PC is just… a fecking cardboard shaped disc, so EPIC !! while Rockstar’s could put 7 actual disc with game data installation on it in physical copies for PC, shame bethesda shame I say. wait, a beta that’s full of bugs & glitches, don’t mad at me that’s what people say on the internet, plus some people said its scam because bethesda selling them with full price, but now, it cheap as f*@k !!
oh don’t forget, the microtransaction part where power armor skins cost more than $5, and some clothes also cost you, even though most of this asset were in fo4. game as services is the best option as well for HiTMAN franchise.



This was to be expected.






What? Is this real? Like is this a parody?



It’s on reddit gaming sub.
98,279 votes and 7,929 comments so far on Reddit



yeah this didn’t happen



Damn some small part of me wanted to see Bethesda fuck up something as simple as a cloth bag.:smiling_imp:

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