Fallout 76


I don’t even know why I argue about this game with people that have never played it lmao, I might be up for it if someone who actually owns the game drops in but for some reason I feel like it’ll only be people who don’t 🤷

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The difference is that people who have played Hitman 2 are saying it’s one of the best games of the year (no, I’m not circlejerking the Hitman forum, even Angry Joe’s second reviewer and ACG, who are both popular tubers, as well as multiple journalists, agree). Whereas people who’ve played Fallout 76 universally hate it.

I will admit a lot of people who hate on 76 have not played it. Which is why I haven’t talked about it till now.


And It is not like Fallout 76 is some kind if miss understood game or overlooked and only hated by a few. Almost all critics agree it is shit. The metastatic score for F76 is 49% on Xbox while Hitman 2 is at a very good 84%. Everyone I know who bought F76 regrets it and agrees it is not good. Sure, some people like it, but there are always people who like the oddest shit.

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Ohh it went up! Last time I checked is was at like 82


Apart from the awful gameplay which was in fallout 3 already outdatet, awful engine, weird design decisions when it comes to quests and story etc etc. The idea alone to make a fallout online survival cash grab is an insult. And then make it with a engine and gameplay design which isn’t build for online multiplayer makes it even worse. If you like it, more power to you, but don’t try to say it is somewhat good, because it simply isn’t.

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If there is some pros I can find in Fallout 76 the actual environments were designed well and are varied. The enemies are pretty cool as well they really wanted to tie WV folklore with this game. Shame there are no actual stories in the game!:joy:

Critics aren’t immune to buzz and gossip and brigading bandwagons. Some of the reviews I’ve read have been almost entirely positive about their personal experience but then they talk about the poor reception and then give the game like a six or something.

It’s also a bit of a niche game. It’s not for everyone.

Also, remember that nearly every early Bethesda game was eviscerated on release. Fallout 3 was loathed for ages by Fallout fans who prejudged the game for being a buggy shooter, and it took years for the general sentiment around the game to turn positive. New Vegas was so buggy on release that it was literally unplayable for most players. But they fixed things up. What’s going on now is kinda par for the course for Bethesda. Fallout 76 is no different and no worse than any other Fallout game. I think it’s much better than Fallout 4.

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I think it speaks volumes that everybody in this thread that owns the game enjoys it and everybody that hates it has never played it

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So I Purchased F76 last Friday. I would like to say that at the time I was very one-sided about the game kinda avoiding it because of the media surrounding it. but after the recent update and with it being on sale I thought it would be a perfect time to start.

From Friday Evening to Sunday Night I traversed West Virginia establishing my C.A.M.P and gradually leveled up. Within the weekend I would encounter a group of nurses with explosive automatic assault rifles in which I would take numerous pictures with. My Character would gradually form a religious group that lurked the forest region outside Vault 76. My companions would join me and we would establish a base in which people could come and go and take water and craft if they need it. I’ve racked over 2000 atoms and would buy a fireplace and statues for my house. Overall I am having a blast.

I understand 76 as a game much better now and see why they got rid of the story. This is your story in which you make it and can document it with the numerous pictures you take that result it loading screens. 76 got blasted at launch which was well deserved, but after the most recent update that game is a overall enjoyable experience with me only running into one pathing bug and
2 server disconnections. I will be roaming the land for months to come and I do look forward to it.

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Hello, everyone, I am new to the community and so happy to be here
I didn’t play this game before but looking to have this game soon.
Well, other than this what other game are you playing?

Never. Trust. Todd Howard.


I love Crowbcat so much

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the game is free to play for the next week so if anyone wants to actually form their own opinions on this game and not just repeat what they’ve been told about it, feel free

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Free to keep? Probably not :joy:

Preordered FO76 since the announcement. I never regretted it.

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unfortunately not, but it’s not like the game is expensive after everyone returned their copies 🤷

Well that is true. Gonna wait for the updated critics of the game and buy it based on that. Seems like a lot is fixed by now. Will intend to play alone though, do I have to be aware of anything? Besides that probably other people will be there still?

There are still lots of people playing.

It’s honestly mostly a single player experience where you occasionally come across other people. Just start playing it like a normal Fallout game and you’ll be fine.

Let’s be honest. Until the NPC’s update is not out, FO76 is now fixed yes but still boring if you play alone, at least for me. I’m playling a little bit on the weekends but i can’t wait to play it most of as a fallout game.

Also today has been released the battle royale mode with a lot of things to unlock that you can find inside the Vault 51.