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Huh, I’ve heard the opposite from RPG enthusiasts and other people. I’m curious to know how Fallout 2 was more intuitive than Fallout 1, and has it aged well?

Also, we can talk about all the Fallout games in this thread.

Fallout 2 I feel aged well if you’re patient enough to put up with the limitations of the turn based play and the technology of the times. Aside from various bits and pieces that they fixed from Fallout (refining gameplay to make things like shopping less frustrating) it also doesn’t suffer from the unfortunate issue that is core to Fallout 1’s story.

Fallout 1 sends you out to find a Water Chip and applies an arbitrary time limit before you Vault all die of thirst - you can do things to give yourself more time but it’s always there on your Pipboy making you aware. Until you solve the Water Chip quest of course. That creates a kind of issue where you start the game with pressure on you and it basically encourages you to rush, rather than explore, take your time, experiment etc. Then after that you don’t have that pressure - but you’re also supposed to somehow feel more pressured to fix things by the new quest revealed.

Fallout 2 does a good job of stressing the importance of your goal to you then sending you out to solve it without making you feel that you need to run around like a decapitated chicken in the early stages then slow down when you should be feeling more pressure. Just unfortunately the overall story is not as epic as the original.

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I love Fallout 2! I’ve played it since i was a kid (Just bought it from Steam). Never tried the first one though.

Can you get a house in Fallout: New Vegas?

In the Mojave wasteland, I picked up a few things that I would have put in my house in fallout 3, and I also don’t like sleeping once every 10 days, and I was wondering if at some point you could get a house in game?

You get a house yeah. And a bunch of safe houses if you play the factions correctly.

Anyways, I’m one of those heretics that got into Fallout when Fallout 3 came out. I tried playing the earlier games, but the interfaces were just so clunky I couldn’t get passed it.

My favorite is New Vegas. It has a real charm to it, plus it feels more like a realized world than the Capitol Wasteland. It also doesn’t have enough skill books and shit so you can literally get 100 skill in everything, so you actually have to decide on a character, which I really enjoy.

One of the major criticisms I’ve heard about Fallout 3 is that it’s a re skinned Oblivion, with most of its flaws retained within the game. How true would you say it is?

I wouldn’t say that is all that accurate. Sure, it shares some similaties, mostly in how the game is presented visually (the way converstion sort of zoom in on people’s faces as the rest of the world stops for instance), but it’s plenty different as well.

Since I haven’t played a lot of the first Fallouts I don’t know. Maybe it’s a perception that comes about since it changed into first/third person mode as well.

It’s more Oblivion than it is Old Fallout, so from that perspective it feels very much like Elder Scrolls: Post Apocalypse Edition if you go into it expecting a classic Fallout experience. But y’know, Fallout was turn based strategy so it was never going to have similar mechanics and they really made the right choice going with what they knew and expanding on it rather than trying to create some horrible half-half mutant.

The story type and mechanics aren’t very “Fallout” and are more akin to Elder Scrolls, but that’s only disappointing if you were expecting Fallout.

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In all honesty though, did people really expect a AAA game to have turn based combat and 2D isometric view? How would that sell sufficiently for a AAA game? That sounds like ridiculous expectations.

Never underestimate what people will expect from a AAA game company. I’m pretty sure expectations ranged from inventing a way to make 3d isometric turn based combat “cool” (by making everything 3d or something) to some sort of unworkable system in FPS view that allowed you to do everything and anything etc.

Ironically I thought they did the best they could reasonably do, but really fucked up with the story.

Hey, let’s resurrect a thread from 2014, well when I’m not playing HITMAN I play the Fallout Series rather religiously.

For Lore Purposes I played the First 2 original titles, but lean on towards New Vegas due to its modding community.

I’m currently in the New Vegas portion of my Tale Of Two Wastelands Walkthrough which I’ve spoken about this mod and can’t stress how good it is if you love Fallout 3. As for mods I simply overhauled the game allowing it to be slightly more realistic with the implementation of Killable Kids (this mod had ramifications if you kill kid via how people view you and a perk similar to classic Fallout) , Graphics, Meshes (Body’s are more
correct in the sense that this is the apocalypse), Gore (Blood Textures and much more), Sex (new Vegas prostitution is finally a thing with added bonuses), etc.

I personally enjoy games that allow modding and have a strong modding community behind it because it allows me to further expand upon what developers didn’t do allowing the user to make the game that they want essentially making a new game in its self via mods.

Plus old fallouts are vastly superior in slot of ways.