Fallout Movie Project! Let's Make A Fallout Movie!


You may have seen Drakortha’s The D.C. Chronicles, or Machinima’s Wasteland Survival Series on YouTube. This has inspired me to make a movie myself, and have fun doing it. But I don’t want to hog all the opportunity, so I am asking and recruiting people interested in volunteering to produce this movie. It may seem weird, considering Fallout is an RPG. But don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter who you play as, I will find a way to collage all of your shorts together, and make one Fallout movie, which consists of events going on in the wasteland. I will periodically update anyone with more info, or how the project is doing. Have fun! Whatever you guys film and come up with is cool, and will be included.

One person is assigned to one scene. The scene can be whatever, one condition: has to make sense.
If someone backs out on doing their scene, the spot opens up again

1.) Be as creative as possible; use mods, free cam, etc. We all know a good movie has creativity.
2.) Keep twitchy mouse movement at a minimum, like when using the mouse as a cinematic, to not have it twitch around.
3.) Post on YouTube, and paste link in this thread, so I can include it in the main movie.
4.) If you are volunteering, let me know in the thread, so I can put you down on the list of people working on this.


There are a total of 22 scenes in this movie, like I said, when you volunteer, tell me which scene you would like to make, and I will put you in this list. When the movie is finished, it will be posted, and hopefully turn up

Scene 1 | The Upsleeve - ?)

Scene 2 | One Cave Entrance - ?)

Scene 3 | First Mirelurk Encounter - ?)

Scene 4 | Gennie Westonson - ?)

Scene 5 | Up Shit Creek Without A Paddle - ?)

Scene 6 | Spotted - ?)

Scene 7 | Welcome To JacobsTown - ?)

Scene 8 | Whiz Kids - ?)

Scene 9 | Like The Two-Headed Bear - ?)

Scene 10 | Joining The NCR - StupidAnswer )

Scene 11 | First Caravan Trip - ?)

Scene 11.5 | Complications - ?)

Scene 12 | Black Hills - BabylonInspector )

Scene 13 | The Graveyard Shift - ?)

Scene 14 | Oversupplied - ?)

Scene 15 | Ghost Rangers - ?)

Scene 16 | The Long Haul On Long 15 - ?)

Scene 17 | The Rose Of Sharon Cassidy - ?)

Scene 18 | Entrapped - ?)

Scene 19 | The Exchange At Goodsprings - ?)

Scene 20 | Sunny’s Proposition - Kcuts_Titogi )

Scene 21 | Lean On Me - ?)

Scene 22 | Redemption Of The Wastes - ?)

If all scenes are taken, and you would like to work with us, don’t worry, I will put your name next to their’s on whatever scene you wanted, and it will be in the movie somewhere. Like I said, EVERYONE is welcome to participate. You don’t just have to make scenes, either. You can also make the artwork, like the cover, or some wallpapers that will be used in someway, whether that be in the trailers, or in the movie itself. Be creative, any idea you have or want to do, post it on the thread, and I will OK it and gladly use it. As before, be creative, have fun, and try your best with this. Trust me, it will look great. When it is done, we will host a premiere of this… Masterpiece.



These three links are the reason I have thought of doing this myself. Here are the two videos that caught my eye, and probably yours…



@EricTheAussie, For giving me the idea to make another Game-Movie.
And kudos to @640509_0401_47, @AgentNo47, @AGENT_58, @Adam_Borys, @Branco, @Heisenberg, @Quinn, @KrugerSchmidts, and @BabylonInspector, for putting in good work at these projects. Hope to see some of you here, as well! :smile:

Hopefully these links will inspire/encourage you to try this out. I have done the same thing on EricTheAussie’s Blood money movie. The link to that is “here.” It is very fun and creative to do. I have done it and I had a hell of a lot of fun doing it. And I sure hope you do as well.

So, what do you guys think? Want to give this a try? Just reply to this topic saying so, and I’ll add you to the list immediately, so you can start your videos! :wink:

KEEP IN MIND: This list of scenes isn’t exactly stable, that being if you think I should add a scene, go ahead and suggest it. Tell me which scene you want it to be, and give me a name for it, and I’ll add it. :blush:

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I’ll do Black Hills.


Absoutely. Go right ahead and do it! I’ll put you down on it.


Wasteland Survival is pretty much the thing that got me into fallout, I would love to produce a short like that. If I were to do Joining the NCR would I be allowed to tell a unique story of someone joining? Are there any more guidelines? If that’s it id love to do that short.


You’re right! you can make any character, and have your own unique story about it. Be sure to use free cam and have great shots. I’ll put you down for it. I thought everybody forgot about this post. Good luck! :wink:


Well the Hitman forum aren’t the best place for a fallout post, but someone posted a link on the Fallout new Vegas nexus mod talk forum. Maybe you should post this there as well?



I have 2 questions.

1 - Can this be filmed in Fallout 4?

2 - Are these scenes random plots or actual in-game missions?



It can be 3,4, or New Vegas. As long as it has a good plot, and fits well with the rest of the story. And for a specific scene you would like, you can create your own, like-plot. For example, if you do a scene in Fallout 4, it can be before the wasteland happened, and then cut back to the wasteland itself. If you want to do Fallout 4 go right ahead! That just makes it sound better :wink: