Fan 3D video about Hitman


I’m going to make a 3d fan video about Hitman.
You’re member of the community, so can you please help me and give me answers on several small questions, please?

  1. What do you associate with Hitman?

  2. What do you want to see in the video (
    weapons,character, or somthing else)

  3. What the color palette or schemes do you prefer?

  4. What the music to use?

Thank you for your time.

Stealth, disguises, the signature suit, silver ballers and barcode, things like that

Its hard to answer this because I know very little about the video concept.

You could go with one of the classic hitman colour schemes, like black and white. Or maybe black and red like the newer games. You could even try to make your own colour scheme, but I’d say that one of the colours should probably be black to match up with the history of the franchise