Fan made Contracts of Hitman 3

I present to you the Sprinter Kill Series, with no bullshit sniper wallbang nonsense:


What I’m using isn’t the Arctic Sniper that goes through infinite walls. It’s either I shot through multiple windows and hit the targets, or the building design that made me shoot through them. Also these kind of wallbangs are hard to find, and it’s interesting to watch.

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Hey people,

New to this forum (first post). I’ve made a couple of contracts that could be fun for those of you who like to kill with purpose. I’m more interested in the motivation/story aspect than I am with gameplay when making these. Only posting one for now because new users can’t embed multiple images

Platform: PC
Contract Name: The Inside Job
Contract ID: 1-30-3031189-52
Location: Chongqing

Imogen Royce’s surveillance has identified four ICA Analysts who have been secretly concocting a plan to go public with company secrets and win global attention. Private messages have been uncovered in which the team discuss plans to meet with the journalist Hans Lucht, optimistically referring to themselves as ‘The ICA Four’. Royce has contracted the ICA’s best agent to make the whistleblowers disappear. She expects a clean job - that means no witnesses, no collateral damage, and no trace left behind.


Platform: PC
Contract Name: Narcotic Nightmare
Contract ID: 1-29-7520738-52
Location: Berlin

Last Saurday at Club Holle, you bought some dodgy drugs which caused a close friend of yours to tragically overdose. Intent not to blame yourself, you have sworn to exact revenge on those you deem responsible - the dealer Mishoo; the club owner Rolf Hirschmuller who allowed Mishoo to deal in his club; and finally the two men responsible for cutting the drugs with an unknown contaminant - Sebastien Kaiser and Hagen Becker

NOTE: start this contract as the raver and without a loadout for the true experience



I posted the wrong contract ID in the original post. I just fixed it.

It is back!

The Portman Paradox

PC: 1-10-0769818-28


Kalmer or sedative syringe, right :slightly_smiling_face: ?

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In fact, I didn’t know that all three could be completed without using wallbang. Nice run !

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Platform: PS4
Title: The Unpalatable Transformation
ID: 2-29-5871598-68
The Dealer’s hidey-hole gave me the idea to reimagine The Unpalatable Termination in Berlin. I’ve made contracts before but I think this is the first one that is legitimately good and I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy! (It will only let me upload one photo so the complications are: Required Exit, No Bodies Found, No Pacifications, Targets Only, No Disguise Changes)

Why doesn’t he want to do Dubai?

Yeah, wallbangs are interesting to see, but I think they’re REALLY abusing the programming limitations of a video game. Besides, even trying to mimic the wallbang solutions, I couldn’t get it to work for me, so I had to come up with a different solution.

Haha, really? I assumed you called it “Sprinter Kill” because you intended 47 to have to sprint from the train station to the laundry rooftop exit after completing the kill. And the 1:30 timing works out just perfectly for that - you can see in one run I literally had just 1 second left. Is it just coincidence you picked the right timing, then, if you intended the contract to be completed using a sniper wallbang?

You must be the only one to use the Alexa Balcony :stuck_out_tongue: Good on ya

And yeah lawnmower explosion makes guards run and come across other bodies, so it’s a tough choice.

Fun fact, the intention of the greenhouse gardener was to shoot the greenhouse door so he goes there and opens it, then you shoot him into it and the door closes behind him, but it ended up being too much hassle in playthroughs

Anyway, good to see :+1:

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Fragments for the briefing were still recorded in HITMAN 2 and the target itself should have come out at the same time, but something went wrong :frowning:

What does that mean?

Oh, how I hated this contract! Until I took a closer look at the kill conditions

When creating the contract, it took me about 1 minute to start from the station, mark / eliminate the target and then head to the exit .
I dared to set a generous time limit to make this contract look like a normal contract. Coincidentally, it seems that 90s time limit allowed the normal run.

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Everything was recorded a long time ago and was not posted then. I again had a desire to play HITMAN and I completed the contract

Can you cause an Accident Fall for these five targets, without pacifying anyone or killing anyone besides the targets?

Platform: PC
Name: The Dartmoor Defenestration
Contract ID: 1-28-2892231-04

Who knew that leaving the windows open could be so hazardous to one’s health?

I’ve picked 4 targets for you to kill with Consumed Poison. And Agent Rhodes is a 5th target for a very special reason. (He’s carrying a bottle of Lethal Pills that you’ll need since you can only bring 3 poison bottles with you at the start.)

Platform: PC
Name: There’s Something In The Water
Contract ID: 1-29-7210948-04

In hindsight, it probably wasn’t a good idea to build a club on the site of an old nuclear power plant. A lot of nuclear waste has seeped into the area’s water supply.

Don’t drink the water here, 47. It’s very hazardous to one’s health.


My very first contract in H3. Completed in 2 mins, but I guess all of you will find another faster strategy…

PC: 1-27-6757665-62

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