Fan made Contracts of Hitman 3

Ok, I’ve got this one down to 2:50. But I have no idea how it can be done 30 seconds faster. 2:20 doesn’t seem to leave enough time to do everything you’ve asked in this contract and still escape…

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This is a good point. Will take that into account from now on.

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Damn that was impressive, cheers for playing

Contact Name: The Secret Hand Part 1
Contact ID: 2-30-6248663-09
Contact Name: The Secret Hand Part 2
Contact ID: 2-02-2062945-09
Contact Name: The Secret Hand Part 3
Contact ID: 2-28-9699743-09
Contact Name: The Secret Hand Part 4
Contact ID: 2-24-5479621-09
Contact Name: The Secret Hand Part 5
Contact ID: 2-29-9400834-09


More recreated contracts. Not all are speedrun friendly, some are one-trick contracts, some are generally decent. I hope. :stuck_out_tongue: Aside from the H1 Featured Contract batch I intend to recreate at some time, this is the last flow of old contracts. @Franz

Dance, Tag, Jump!

PC: 1-10-5194323-28

Tobias Rieper gives a party for his followers!

There will be music, dancing, playing tag, and getting high! Or was it low?

Target Locations

The two at the dancing mat game

Mangrove Vines

PC: 1-12-6457047-28

The interbreeding of plants produced the most amazing species. Amazing for some, unsettling for others.
The client, a local business partner of Jorge Franco, worries about losing his job as a subcontractor, when Franco’s new drug is finalized.
Your mission is to eliminate botanists working on the drug. It is also suspected that one of the personal bodyguards is involved in the development. He also has to die.
The client pays double if the plant in the lab is destroyed.

Target Locations

One just outside one inside the lab hut with the plant, guard is one of Franco’s personal guards.

Smog On The Water

PC: 1-13-6467038-28

Dun dun dunn
Dun dun dudunn
Dun dun dunn
Boom boom

Target Locations

First at the crows sniper nest, second nearby wandering from a taxi driver, third just to your left a few steps away from the boat start

Shah’s Brides

PC: 1-13-4691283-28

Female servants of Vanya Shah receive food and shelter, in return they commit themselves for their entire youth. They also get the chance to be married to Shah’s wealthy business partners. A soon-to-be candidate is the Maelstrom, so such a day is approaching.
However, who loses her virginity recieves punishment. Also, since Shah is never revealing her knowledge until the next marriage, the service continues with constant fear. So one is not only hoping to marry, but also to survive that day.

Target Locations

The two closest female servants to a oildrum, guard nearby guarding an entrance

Transportation Confrontation

PC: 1-13-6058588-28

Give him a taste or give him a ride!

Target Location

You serve him first when starting as food vendor. Exit is the taxi driver near the barge in front of the crow sniper nest.

Of Each Nest

PC: 1-16-0208184-28

Each wing of the hotel accommodates a couple. Not absolutely secret, but absolutely forbidden.
The partners of all four targets, who are curiously part of the target circle themselves, want to see their partners dead. Probably to continue their own affair. Crazy situation. Other agents would have to decide for one of the assignments, but I’m sure the reward of only one contract won’t even get you out of the house.

Target Locations

This is The Source! First pair at second top floor of the cult wing near a window to the middle, second pair same level in the other wing nearby the piano


Thank you for the tags Urben!
I’ll try recreating them for Xbox and keep you posted here.
Emphasis on try! Because in order to recreate them, I first need to figure them out :sweat_smile:


I added target locations at both posts so that is a bit easier. :wink: @ me when you have IDs I can include.

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Name of contract: The Bullet paradox

Platform: PS4

Contract ID: 2-29-1553362-54

I don’t want to say anything, but I hope someone will find a solution :wink:.


I made this contract simply to shed light on this unique situation, but I had to find a way to naturally keep the player around for long enough to witness it. My thinking was that by the time the player gets the required disguise, they may then go back for the second target, just in time to witness the chain of events unfold.

I just realised, the electric phone is no longer available and no longer offers a free kill on the main target! Nice!

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Puzzle you say? :wink:

Edit: okay finally solved it, spent way to long trying to push Green onto the other guard like the Viktor/Dalia kill :sweat_smile:


Well nice work, you managed to show me something new in a level I’d played so many time before (not so much Landslide but Sapienza in general).

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Ive got the solve, but this triple kill just isnt working out lol…


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Hmm, we might have different methods then :thinking: I only double kill Swan and Gustav

Ahh yes… I thought this contract was a different puzzle. Turns out what I’m doing just adds style points :wink:

EDIT @GlogolZ






Contract name: Just as old Trotsky said
ID 1-22-8372121-32
Platform: PC
Description: More less of a joke contract, and only reason why I’ve unlocked ice axe - to shove it in Janus’s skull (or slit his throat to be more precise).
For extra lulz, I recommend doing this in coat, SSS or Casual Tourist - as this is how Trotsky’s assassin was disguised.


So when new members who’ve been playing for a while and come to find or share contracts they’ve created click on the category - it’s right there for them to find.


I made a flowy, lovely Dartmoor contract! Take a looksee!

Name: Bitter Pill to Swallow
Contract ID: 3-28-1694366-02
Platform: Xbox

All targets can be found throughout the garden, hehe

My best time is 39s, hehe

My most tricky accident kill ever. Tried repeating it, but failed every time.

Shocking Grave Dive (Dartmoor)
Platform: PS4

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