Fan made Contracts of Hitman 3

And so it begins…

Sniper Assassin: Radio Tower

You must either distract or avoid the counter-sniper, and preferably avoid the traps

  • PC: 1-29-9751853-04
  • PS4: 2-29-1210272-02 (Recreated by @TheContractor)

EDIT: I accidentally put in the code of a different Berlin contract for Playstation, pls ignore, real code is in now!


Contract name: Adrenaline Junkie
Platform: PS4 and Xbox
ID: 2-29-5461225-76: PS4
3-29-2257505-02: Xbox (Special thanks to @Viv for recreating it on Xbox)
I wanted to make something which can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of whether they are new to the franchise or a veteran. While it’s not a difficult contract by any means it still requires some thought and planning to get to the top of the leaderboard and is possible to SA. Hope you guys enjoy!


Briefing: Your latest contract takes place at Club Holle which is closely connected with the Delgado family. Our client has asked us to eliminate all of the DJs at the club to ensure it stays shut as well as framing the clubs dealer for the crime. They have specifically requested that the weapon used be a makeshift sword to further imply an “allergy pill” deal gone wrong. Happy Hunting.


If you aren’t bothered about SA you can just kill the enemy sniper, but to maintain SA you’ll have figure out a more stealthy method


Yeah what Conty said

I couldn’t find a way to kill him SA from the tower, so I just didn’t make him a target. Turns out avoiding him easy enough anyway


Play and find out! (Level 8 Mastery Required)


Hello everyone! Today I will show you three fan escalations, which vary in playstyle and difficult!
I am sincerely sorry, but I confused fan and fun.

Platform: PS4
Name of contracts:
Bloody wine - 1
Bloody wine - 2
Bloody wine - 3
Contracts ID:
Bloody wine - 1 - 2-31-9722006-54
Bloody wine - 2 - 2-31-9392797-54
Bloody wine - 3 - 2-31-8251250-54
Notice before play:
I can’t play contracts on this location due to a bug, but I hope you can. This is the only one of the three escalations that does not require anything, it can be completed without inventory from the starting point. The only thing you need is knowledge of the area and objects on it.

Platform: PS4
Name of contracts:
Shaken, not stirred - 1
Shaken not, stirred - 2 (yes, it’s mistake)
Shaken, not stirred - 3
Contracts ID:
Shaken, not stirred - 1 - 2-28-5986387-54
Shaken not, stirred - 2 - 2-28-0304540-54
Shaken, not stirred - 3 - 2-28-6741440-54
Notice before play:
This line of contracts is already more complicated and in it you may not have a high level of mastery at the location, but it is advisable to have at least one syringe with poison in your inventory. SIEKER 1 is most likely to be needed to pass to SA.

Platform: PS4
Name of contracts:
Add bass - 1
Add bass - 2
Add bass - 3
Contracts ID:
Add bass - 1 - 2-29-1808698-54
Add bass - 2 - 2-29-4991563-54
Add bass - 3 - 2-29-3077043-54
Notice before play:
If you want to go beyond the first stage, then you need level 16, and if on SA then 19, as well as a shotgun with a silencer. This is the most difficult of all three escalations, so I wish you the best of luck!


These look neat, it’ll give Dartmoor a shot in a second and see what I think :+1: love fan made escalations and the such tho


Very good escalation pack, 4/5

It had a nice ramp up of difficulty while keeping the number of targets consistent throughout and a thoughtful use of complications/kill conditions. It actually made me re-think my route each time and I ended up using 3 different starting locations across the 3 levels.

I’ll hide my playthrough/review so it doesn’t bury any contracts or spoil

My Playthough/Level Reviews

Level 1: Fairly easy as would be expect from level 1. I just syringed all the targets. While initially starting with the Mansion Staff disguise I found it was quicker to start by the detective and kill him first and run to the manor than to wait for him to get there

Level 2: A minor change on Edwards kill condition didn’t change my run too much. However I couldn’t just leave the detectives body by the gates anymore, it was smarter to let him get to the house. So I did use the Mansion Staff start this time. Also the crates are Edward’s and Rebecca’s rooms are placed such that it isn’t a chore to get them there but you have to be careful of other NPCs around. This shows what a good selection of targets you picked

Level 3: A minor change again from the previous level but I meant I had to pick another starting location! Behind Mansion. I followed nearly the same route as level 2 but had to take one or two slight variations to avoid manor staff.


Unfortunately I am a lot less of a fan of this one :upside_down_face: I’d give it 1½/5

Now I obviously can’t play the Mendoza one at the minute but I’d say this one was much easier than the Dartmoor one. Regrettably though it wasn’t more fun.

Longer review/breakdown

Level 3 would’ve been an okay contract by itself but having to do it three times (because you do the same route every time) was a bit monotonous. I think the main problem was that it didn’t feel like the levels built of eachother as much as it felt like levels 1-2 were just level 3 minus something.

The kill conditions didn’t change in any way, just more targets. The no shots missed was a fun complication but the timer felt unnecessary. It didn’t make me rethink my route to a more efficient way, I was already sub 2:30. So I just repeated my method again just with a clock in the corner this time :sweat_smile:

Sorry if this comes off as harsh, I’ve generally been a fan of most of your previous stuff Glogol and Dartmoor was great. But this one is a dud for me :sweat_smile: look forward to when I can play the Mendoza one


Platform: PC
Contract name: Blackout
Contract ID: 1-30-6971686-42

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Made my own escalation, and there’s a thread here for anyone else who wants to make any

HMF made H3 Contract Escalations thread

The Noodle Expiration - PS4

Level 1: 2-30-9798374-02
Level 2: 2-30-8270173-02
Level 3: 2-30-9160191-02


It’s going to take me a while to recreate as I don’t know the targets lol.

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Ah, guy in car park, sleeping chair guard on roof, guy who walks on that bridge in the smokestack things in the water, and guy who drinks from a bottle then goes on his phone near the crane drop thing


Gee thanks, that helps! :wink:


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This one was a lot of fun, thanks! Still trying to beat 3 mins

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This contract is inspired by GuLe’s video.

Contract name : Sternritter - X
Contract ID : 1-03-9952943-29

More Info

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Problem was sorted out

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Anyone remember in 2016 someone from the forum set up a website for people to post their contracts? People were able to rate them and sort them. What ever happened to that? Is it still live?


I don’t remember that but I wasn’t really on the forums that early. I’ve had a dream about making a website like that tho :joy: wish I had the technical skills


Do you mean this, by any chance? It was made by TheKotti and was released ~4 years ago. It’s still up and running but definitely not up to date.

He also released an announcement video on his channel where he showcased some features: