Fan made Contracts of Hitman 3

After a small hiatus, Episode II of Cascade is finally back! This mission requires you to take out three individuals, and extract a valuable that the targets have yet to find. It takes you to the newest map, Ambrose Island and is mainly focused around the town area.


  • Eliminate Chintanika Venkataraman
  • Eliminate Utsav Nigam
  • Eliminate Lakshminath Halden
  • Retrieve the gold idol


Good evening, 47. Ever since your hit in Hokkaido, it seems as if you have shifted the gears in a different area. Your destination is Ambrose Island in the Andaman Sea. It’s home to a specific organization called the Iron Maidens, a group of women who raided pyramids around the Eastern Hemisphere to recover valuables to sell to the dogs in the black market. While investigating the Iron Maidens, background has discovered that they have met with a shadow client who frequently represents CASCADE. Besides that, we have also discovered that four out of five of the Iron Maidens, who all resided here at Ambrose Island until their next adventure were found murdered at their homes and docks.

And while these four mysterious women had their identities hidden to reside here at the island, it seems like the culprit is around. It also seems like she’s here for business.

Your first target is Chintanika Venkataraman, the fearless leader and the last surviving Iron Maiden. Venkataraman’s parents were spelunkers and it would seem like she also enjoyed cave diving and escaping rocky situations after recovering temple valuables. While she may blend into the crowd at the island, Chintanika’s phone receipts seems to ask all four victims about Ambrose Island. It seems as if she had her friends scout out the place unknowingly, and then killed them to cover her tracks. Chintanika can also be seen looking around frequently for one item, a Cursed Gold Idol.

This gold idol seems to have washed up on the Andaman Shores. Whenever anyone approached it or attempted to pocket it, however, they met a grisly end that officials cannot wrap their head around. This idol appeared as evidence but seems to evade the evidence lockers every single time. While it is not necessary, our client wishes for you to find this gold idol before it ends up in the wrong hands. What wrong hands you may ask?

Your second target is Utsav Nigam, a treasure hunter from Kiev that originally worked for the KGB. Nigam has always been a master of disguise, and while unnecessary to note at the time, was seen checked into the resort in Japan as well as being a resident DJ in Germany. He’s always been one string length away from you, 47, but he has gone rogue. Using his skills of disguise, he frequently sells valuables in the black market and has a collection down in his mansion in Kiev. He desires to attain the gold idol, regardless of Chintanika’s involvement or not. He is currently disguised as a chef and can be seen walking around the town. He will be observing Chintanika’s movements closely and can be apparent by being the only chef not actively working. Tread carefully.

Your final target is Lakshminath Halder, also known as the Seafarer. Simply a name in the underworld, Halder can be seen as the middleman and reconnaissance for adventurers that desire the valuables that are illegal by law to extract. He has given both Venkataraman and Nigam intel that the gold idol has been shipped on Ambrose Island. However, both of the targets do not know what this man look like, and only know his boss, Nikhil Doshi. Halder desires to use this anonymity to watch as Nigam and Venkataraman eventually eliminate each other before he starts to retrieve and exfiltrate Ambrose Island with the gold idol and his wife, who only knows that they will be moving to Malaysia in a couple hours.

Nikhil Doshi, although not a client, can be seen watching all three targets from the comfort of his own home. He has retired and has even hired some temporary help, one Dylan Saul, a fresh recruit from Noel Crest’s militia. Saul has been entranced with his stories, and plans to follow Doshi’s orders in case his apprentice, Lakshminath Halder, executes the job incorrectly. These two figures do not need to be eliminated, but it seems that all three targets orbit around these two.

While this would normally be an easy hit, Noel Crest and his militia has made an outpost at the ruins, and has ordered his guards to mingle and be familiar with Sinhi “Akka” Venthan’s people. Akka is noted to be on-edge, so there is higher armed presence from both sides. Be careful, 47, as one small step in the wrong direction will have consequences.

But I trust you know what to do. Best of luck, 47.

While there are no discovery/feats challenges for this mission (besides recover the idol), I have created challenges that are just like the ones in the actual game picture-wise! I’m really proud of them, so check them out and maybe tackle one of them once in a while!


Cut From the Same Cloth Solution: Eliminate all three targets with scissors.
Shark and Minnows Solution: Eliminate Utsav Nigam by drowning him in the ocean, and eliminate Lakshminath Halder by a fire from below.


I promise there will be discovery challenges in the future, but this contract is straightforward and leaves little room for (necessary) exploration! Enjoy!

Cascade Episodes

#1: October Surprise / Hokkaido / 2 targets / Optional objective / 3-10-7702284-02
#2: Tomb Raider / Ambrose Island / 3 targets / Optional objective / 3-34-6198797-02


Welcome back! Can’t wait to play this contract. Utsav seems like an interesting target but I’ve not tried to assassinate him :thinking:


looks cool as shit. you mod a complication in? i wish i could try this contract on PlayStation :pensive:. also welcome back.


Nope, just a bit of editing!

Thank you! You could recreate it if you’d wanr


@Viv What did you use for the editing? You can leave a link to it in your answer, if you want.

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Original creator : @Quartz_tan | ID Epic : 1-26-4426430-27
The contract is now playable thanks to the fix in Villa Haven. :ok_hand: :desert_island:


Bad baby named Microsoft PowePoint LOL


Fair enough @viv! I’m slow at times.

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Fishing Lanes

Contract IDs:

PS ID: 2-34-7686781-10
PC (Epic) ID: ‎1-34-0066987-06 (thanks @YT-Redfox5000_Yo )


switcher contract pog, just need it on epic now

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Platform : PC

Platform: PC

Contract name: “Just Axing Questions”

Contract ID: 1-34-2895024-04

Just a contract testing some of your map/mission knowledge for Ambrose Island.
I did it a safe way, but I’m sure there’s more daring routes.


Hello, is there any PC or PS players willing to make a three contracts a week. I can’t do JSON and 0047’s PS is broke, if so please reply.


That seems like a royal pain in the arse, but if I’d had a PC I’d play that.

ah so you need someone to help spread contracts onto other consoles?


Yes i do we can do a private message chat and i’ll send you the info

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alright sure. i’ll see what i can do.


Contract Title: Ambrosia Salad
Contract ID: 2-34-0470545-84
Platform: PS4

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Hello, we need a important set of contracts remade for STEAM ASAP the deadline is tomorrow afternoon (Bri’ish time)
HCCE file: