Fan made Contracts of Hitman WOA

okay i’m curious to how this works now. is it an exploit or secret kill?

i’m confused on what you mean by that?

↑Video here.Btw I only test tranq pistal,but I think other dart guns also work


okay that is rad and i’m glad i know it now.

Tanabata limited contract
Everyone is welcome to play My Contract and good luck.47
Contract platform:PC EGS STEAM
EGS ID:1-31-7838296-84
STEAM ID:1-31-9669034-97 @ICAagent_AL

EGS ID:1-28-2460205-84
STEAM ID:1-28-6615232-97 @ICAagent_AL

EGS ID:1-16-1530028-84
STEAM ID:1-16-1780584-97 @ICAagent_AL

By Bystanders


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Platform: Epic Games/Steam

Contract name: Blood in the Water

Contract ID: 1-34-5108778-65

Each of the targets must be killed in an accident by falling into the water (one way or another).


It’s a good contract.
I wasable to upload lt to Steam

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Then just do it.Use the JSON I posted.

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Steam Contract ID:1-29-6007904-97

I tried this, but without success. If you shoot the tranq dart too quick, then the target goes unconscious, but when they are awoken they die from the effects of the poison. If you take any longer, then they die from the effect of the lethal syringe. At least, that’s what the kill methods show up as in contract creation mode. There may be a sweet spot in-between, but I’ve not found it.

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True…It’s very difficult to success,you need to make it in a perfect time…I tried about more than 100 times to make it successed in contract create mode.And that’s also why I didn’t create a contract about this after HCCE comes out…I even don’t know IO fixed that or not…


Just posting this here as well. There are a few contracts in this first batch (one by me). Maybe some of you might enjoy those:


@STREET_SURG30N is there any videos of your contract “Hook, Line, And SONKO”?

I uploaded my run for you. It’s very sloppy, could have been a lot faster especially at the end (should have kept the wrench for another exit). But it’s the first time I tried a contract in this map.


Name: The Non-Undyings

Location: Miami

Contract ID: 3-11-2004259-18

Username: VespidPrince42

Targets: Gaten Henderson, Julien Heijmans, Ellen Ives, Lucas McLaughlin, and Homer Derick

Complications: Just do it in the suit*

Briefing: A group of Kronstadt are holding a meeting where Mark Faba aka The Undying previously held his meetings twice. Crash that meeting and send them to join Mr. Faba in the Afterlife - assuming of course he’s even still there. Oh and do it wearing The Undying Look. Good luck, 47.

*If possible, can someone please use the HCCE to specifically indicate The Undying Look as the suit to wear? Thank you. Oh and it would be nice to change the mission cover image to show 47 crashing the meeting wearing The Undying Look.

Name: Knight of the night

Location: Sgail

Contract ID: 1-21-7945577-29 (Epic)

Name: Black cowboy
Location: Chongqing

Hello,47!Our client asked to eliminate three targets.They allegedly smuggled weapons from China to Japan.ICA checked everything and it turned out to be true.The client also asked to eliminate all targets from the snapeyre rifle.Good luck,47!

“Cult Exterminator”, 22 targets.
From : @RushinRussian | ID Epic : 1-16-0670391-36