Fan made Contracts of Hitman WOA



Contract ID: 1-24-5160798-19
Platform: epic
Contract Title: comic knockout
Contract targets :


Amazing run, GG and thanks for playing


Recreation Details

“Ah dammit! Not again” “What?” “Just because I have the best flowers in the neighbourhood doesn’t mean Rachel and Julietta should trod on them!” “Why don’t we let the neighbourhood watch know? Keep them in check?” “They’re my flowers on my property. I’ll handle this, I just need to make a phone call.” “Okay, okay sweetie, whatever you think is best.”

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PC Contract (epic): Champagne is poisonous

ID: 1-21-2445107-01


Contract ID: 1-21-6203128-99
Contract Title: Take the Initiative
Platform: Steam
Submitter name: Wilbur Cobb


47, our client wants to put a halt on the Ark Society’s recruitment efforts this year. Your targets will be the initiates, the initiation organizer, and the recruiter. The client has requested that the organizer and recruiter be killed in a way that will deter future recruitment efforts. Try to stay undercover as an initiate so you can get close to your targets.

I just finished getting full mastery on every single hitman level, so now I am dabbling in contract making. My very first one was a bit much on the conditions and that was a while ago. This is the second contract I made. Let me know what you think.

Anyone wants to try a tricky contract (one of my FC submission)


Contract ID: 2-02-7706475-31

Platform: Playstation 5 (PS4 game version)

Contract Title: Musical Chairs


Brief Description:
Musical Chairs is a popular fun game played all over the world (details: Musical chairs - Wikipedia).
It is a tricky contract where you need to eliminate five targets sitting in the round group of auction chairs. The targets are selected such that the solution will be quite tricky to take out unless you find a way to stop the auction (note the podium guy), and then the targets are separated. One of the targets is easy to kill as he is on the way to the auction. This contract is for challenging players (no complications, disguise, kill method, or restrictions). I don’t know how you solve it, just solve it anyway you want. Maybe knock out everyone in the auction room one by one.

Location: Paris, France

My Run :


Ive played other contracts of yours so ill try.

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Alright i just cant figure out what im expected to do here…

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I couldnt find a way to mess with the auction. I wonder if its because i “broke” the guy…?

Also this is the 1st time Dalia greeted me, which is how you unlock that challenge where you have to gun her down in her office, and of course it doesnt appear as a challenge since shes not a target in this contract.


Start at auction,
run right side, ko guard in balcony, get his disguise, seiker the two male targets (2nd hit the white guy), run to bathroom, collect emetic device, get scissors, melee 1st one, (keep an eye on minimap), drag and hide the body in wardrobe,
2nd target know that the bathroom is unoccupied (psychic power), melee and hide his body too. emetic grenade lone female target, ambrose emetic grenade 2nd female target (tricky), repeat the process, sometime 2nd one goes downstairs, get the suit disguise and go downstairs, meanwhile the sheikh is walking towards you, take him your way - you still have one gadget left.

Now on Steam: 1-02-0986687-52

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It took 3 minutes and 30 seconds to complete this contract, which is really torture


very good time! Thank you for passing the contract!

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-----Hokkaido Blood Festival-----

Platform: Epic Store
CID: 1-37-0297093-96


Have Fun!
Good Luck!


Hoilday Hoarders of Paris and snow festival in hokkaido is now added in Contracts to be created and to play on


Brilliant - a monster by poisoning!)))