Fan made Contracts of Hitman WOA

Just finished another series of contracts on Steam and Xbox, all with the title Seeing Double. Search said title and pick your favorite location. Have fun and good luck.

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yo what’s up guys i have a funny contract for you

here is the target:



Here’s a bundle of contracts.

‘Disguise variants’ is something that really interests me. All of the kitchen assistants on sapienza are kitchen assistants but some wear white, some wear yellow etc. Sometimes I go for a variant of the disguise I don’t typically go for when playing contracts, just so I can look cool and do something unique. These contracts are designed to let you do something similar, with three any/any targets with different variants of one disguise, paired with a fourth target to be killed in one of their disguises. It’s also noko with the idea that you go only for one of those three, but two of the contracts also have the disguise on the level (not recommended). There is no shared story so some can be skipped/played in any order.

Investigative Assassination (Miami/Journalist)
Steam: 1-11-8198083-43
Xbox: 3-11-0700843-02

The X_X Files (The Author/Bodyguard)
Steam: 1-15-4364676-43
Xbox: 3-15-1718755-02

Antibodyguard (Hokkaido Snow Festival/Bodyguard)
Steam: 1-37-1295925-43
Xbox: 3-37-9654459-02

[:]flushed[:] (Santa Fortuna/Mansion Guard) ((Remove the square brackets!))
Steam: 1-12-7093321-43
Xbox: 3-12-4645948-02

Rise and Crash (Santa Fortuna/Drug Lab Worker)
Steam: 1-12-8092507-43
Xbox: 3-12-4995394-02

Bollywouldn’t (Mumbai/Bollywood Crew)
Steam: 1-13-3609559-43
Xbox: 3-13-4433615-02

Fashion Crime (Whittleton Creek/Janus’ Bodyguard)
Steam: 1-22-4404769-43
Xbox: 3-22-4838885-02

One to a Customer (Marrakesh/Shopkeeper)
Steam: 1-06-7837980-43
Xbox: 3-06-9004234-02

My Piracy is Cooler (Ambrose Island/Pirate)
Steam: 1-34-5553586-43
Xbox: 3-34-1714340-02

It’s the Little Things (Dartmoor/Bodyguard)
Steam: 1-28-3242412-43
Xbox: 3-28-7650766-02

Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


A small puzzle? I guess

created by kurikozya in PS5,It’s so funny


yeah some kind of, but like you said a small one ^^


While looking at my terrible, awful, no-good .txt file of contract plans from a few years back I found this line

conversations continue in ansel mode, find a target that has a conversation, and can’t be interrupted, and consumes poison

if anyone’s in the mood to fiddle around, I don’t believe I have ansel on my computer anymore

The rules and regulations for the custom contract challenge in the Heavenly Kingdom are as follows:
Contract ID (Steam version): 1-02-4193203-93
Grade submission link: 尚在天国EX 杀手3 巴黎 契约挑战 - 腾讯问卷
Event KOOK Channel: KOOK

  1. The final interpretation right of this event belongs to me personally. In case of any disputes, my ruling standard shall prevail.
  2. This event starts at 10:00 am on April 9th and ends at 10:00 am on April 23rd. All contestants are required to submit their time and videos through the submission questionnaire link before the deadline. All results require a complete video recording, which can be uploaded on Bilibili/Fuel Management/Degrees/quarks (if you don’t want to disclose your route in advance, you can choose to upload it on the internet or unlist on the fuel management).
  3. You can upload your grades multiple times, but only the best grade of your time will be included.
  4. This event only released tasks in the Steam version (different platform contract modes are not interoperable), as I currently only have assassins on the Steam platform. Therefore, if you want to participate in this event on other platforms, you can replicate the same contract task on your platform and complete the recording submission. You can also participate. The following are the task objectives: the map is Paris, with five targets: Fabric Sancouci, a technical staff member on the second floor of the front door lobby, Sheikh Salman Al Ghazali in the VIP living room on the second floor, Sebastian Sato, a designer in the makeup area on the first floor, and the exit of the dock speedboat that needs to be unlocked with a key at the end of the map. Guarding Valiant Renaud, Eric H é bert, an auction staff member hovering between the second floor lobby and the third floor balcony, has no requirement for assassination methods, no requirement for assassination disguise, and no additional conditions.

a contract competition from China

Epic Version:1-02-2828603-50(Thanks qian-ye-yosa)