Fan made Contracts of Hitman WOA

I really enjoyed playing this, got a time of 6:42. Awesome to see Kokoro in a contract and it was worked into the story really well. Most of my stealth relied on bullet distractions, so I hope GAMA don’t mind the bullet holes everywhere


Trying to re-create this for Steam. I can’t seem to find Kokoro.

try to mark heart?I guess

Tried and it didn’t work.

This should help:

Also, I have a contract featuring a (hopefully) interesting mechanic, for those who follow what is suggested in the briefing


Well done, I have included this contract in my play list and look forward to playing come soon!

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Platform:PC(Epic Store)Contract ID:1-30-1631889-95,The principle was discovered by White- Half and GM, so I created it. Similar to the formula for banana killing, Kruger has one foot, one hand ,two lower torso shots, and throw your weapon can kill the target