Fan made 'Hitman Remake' game

Hello everyone :smiley:!

I’ve been working on this project for sometime and i wanted to share some results. This is an architectural visualization of codename 47 in Unreal Engine 4. A full video, showing the entire level, remade in 4K resolution! So get ready for a nostalgia trip, the first training mission is coming soon! :wink:



Nice work looks great :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thank you! :smiley:
Still, its only 20% complete, i have to set dress every area precisely, make and import the static meshes/3d models, make the elevators work, lighting, optimization and finally record the level flyby.

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Sounds like you have your work cut out for you, have fun :slightly_smiling_face:.

Looks pretty damn good!You working on this project alone?

Thank you and yes, i’m working alone on this project. Initially i had plans to remake a level in hitman 2 but due to some limitations i was’nt able to complete that project. It’s just been 3 days since i began working on this one, and within a week i’ll complete the level :smiley:


Wow, great work. This looks brilliant. :sunglasses:

Thank you @MrMystery99 :smile:

Wow, that is fast! Are you going to just make the level or are you going to re-create the game too? And do you need any help at all?

@serioussam909 is also doing a video game!

Thank you @Brownell, no i cant remake the game since it is copyright by its owners. If they give me the wonderful chance to remake the game (c47), i’ll do it with 2-3 months.Also, im just a level designer so i’ll require some help from artists, animators, and a lil bit of ui programming.
As of now the level is 80% done, just a few tweaks and within a couple of days i’ll post a video :smile:


This is the part where you show this to IO as a job application. Looks awesome.

Looks really cool! Can’t wait!

Woahh @Cerb and @cakeblock941 thanks a lot! :blush:


More progress! :smiley:

Very nice! It would be awesome if IOI let you make a game out of this!

That would be my dream come true :sunny:

Yes HC47 should get a remake.
Full Release would be astounding.

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Nice job! Can’t wait to see Hong Kong remade!

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Thank you @Ort_Meyer, @Brownell, @Bielak812 :blush: