A Place for Your Contracts

Fancontracts is a site I’ve been developing recently.

In you can submit your contracts with details, and see a list of submitted contracts

Details such as:

  • Title
  • ID
  • Platform
  • Target Count
  • Game
  • Type (Sniper, puzzle, SONKO etc)
  • Complications
  • Disguises
  • Methods
  • Your gamer tag/online id
  • More info if you like?

*location/mission will be autodetected regarding the ID.

You can also filter the list how you wish! You only want 1 target? A contract set in Dubai? Filter.

An Stats page is also available.

The sources are available on Github under the MIT license.


The big update is out!

Now you can rate the submitted contracts, from 1 to 5, “recommand” contracts while rating and comment!

Those options are accessible via the “more info” at the end of each column, that leads to another feature, unique pages for each contract. Now if you submit a contract and share a link like _contract, anyone can see the deatils, comments and rating of your contract instantly.

Filtering and sorting rate wise is also included, although the sorting thing is a bit bumpy for now.

Thanks @Kevin_Rudd for the idea.


Now you can share (YouTube) Videos for each contract as well. They are accessible in the Videos section of the rating pages.


Box View is now available

You can use this thread to report bugs or suggest features.

Known Issues

  • Fortunately nothing

The ultimate question… will it have a rating system? :thinking:


There are some database problems I noticed just now. Please don’t submit for now.

Edit: all fine


alright, but a rating system would be great :slight_smile:

Everything is working fine, you can submit your contracts :smiley:

What happened? The company hosting the site didn’t tell me what database technology they’re using so I was using an invalid syntax; And it took me 5 hours to realize.


I think there was a hitman database with this purpose with the ability to rate every mission in the franchise but it was barely used so I hope this will be like the equivalent to when Hitmaps replaced the hitman 2016 maps site

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It’s looking good :+1:

Only thing I would say is that it’s nice to have the name of the contract as well. That way someone can search by name if they want to, and they could also double check they have the right mission when they put the code in.

I was thinking of doing a very similar website when I got some downtime at work over the next month, so you’ve saved me some hassle :rofl:


Added 7 contracts to this, including recreations and ones by Crewdy and HowToHitman, presuming they don’t mind. A title option would be great, and a rating system would be even better!


This is really useful!
To make a suggestion, could there be a way to add multiple contract IDs to one submission for contracts that have been recreated?
Also, is it possible to edit posts after creation? I forgot to put the PC ID for Ivory Towers in ‘more info’


Submitted a contract but I second what 0047 said, about putting in a title option

Titles can convey a lot of info quickly, in a way that merely listing kill method and complication can’t. I also personally think there should be a category/genre column, for us to self-categorise and filter on certain terms of your choosing, like “Puzzle”, “Sniper” (since some sniper contracts use any method) or “Trespassing/Hostile” (And in the future ‘modded’ :wink: ).

Right now the only advantage over the in-game Contract Search this has is you can search Author, which to be fair is a big improvement though. A good start and effort! :+1:


I’ll definitely add a title option.
Rating system can get a bit trickier, I still have to do some research before adding it; Let go the adding itself can take a while.

I mostly added more info for these cases, but it’s not impossible to have that.
Editing; Will do something for it.

Doable. Can you give me a list for “genre”?

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That’s a bit subjective so I was just gonna leave it up to you

I know when I did my contracts list for H2 there was stuff like Hostile Disguise, Loud Gun, Puzzle, Sniper, Speedrun, Freeform/Unrestricted, Challenge contract, Modded

Maybe other people can pitch in their suggestions!

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Urben could help:


There should be the option to chose several types for the same contract. A contract can be Sniper, Puzzle and SONKO. Or SONKO and Fiber Wire…
Easiest solution probably is to make checkboxes with types.


Updates added: Now you can specify/filter title and submit edit requests.



  • You now can specify and search Contracts’s Type; Speedrun, SONKO, Puzzle etc (Thanks @Urben and @Kevin_Rudd for making a list of those)
  • You can now submit Garden Show Contracts.
  • Minor graphical bugs are resolved.
  • A new look to the Submit page.
  • The list shows the newest contract by default now.

Rating system is also in the works.


This site is so well made, congratulations. The search filter is a really good feature for it.

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Glad to hear you liked it :smiley:


Once the rating system is out this website will be a beauty.


Small update:

  • A few graphical changes in the main and list pages
  • Improved sorting/filtering algorithm (takes less time to do, the old one was getting a bit slow)
  • A new page: Stats. You can see some statistics there (suggest new items if you’d like)
    for now, the stats are:


80 contracts submitted so far.
17 unique players submitted so far.
14 locations used so far.

Top Players

@Hamushi: 48
@linux_penguin: 7
@Mully24cpm: 5

By Platform

PC: 52
PS: 15
Xbox: 13

Most used Missions

Mendoza: 38
Dubai: 12
Chongqing: 7