What do guys think of the fanfiction posted online on Hitman. I think there are some are actually very good.
So what do you think??

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Are we supposed to put fanfiction here?

You put in your opinion on Fanfiction today. Then if you find something interesting, just post a link to it.

I think it’s a good idea. There probably should be a direct route to Hitman fan-fiction from this forum.

Some of the writing there is fairly good. I already got some of mine on the forum here HitFic - SWF Vol.1 though it may be a bit too much for some.

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I was just rifling through the Fanfiction, but then I noticed that most of them are based on da movies. I prefer the ones on the actual games. The movies are far from Hitman’s genre.

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Most of the Hitman fanfics are romance based, crossovers and/or movieverse. Hardly any game fanfics. A shame, it would be great to see someone novelise the Hitman(2016) missions or even write an original fanfic. World Of Tommorow and Club 27 have pretty good stories to play with.

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Why not write it yourself?


Exactly, everywhere it is '47 and Nia’s or '47 and Katie’s themes. There are very few fanfics based on the Hitman theme.

I am thinking of writing an original mission after my examinations at the end of this year. It’s a one-shot, set in Greece.

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That or a narration of one of the Hitman(2016) missions.

OK. Write which ever you’re feeling. Or not. Either way, good luck to you.

I’m not sure whether I’m allowed to revive this topic now, but it’s related to what I’m doing so I think I can. I’m finally writing some Hitman fanfiction of my own: a narration of Paris. Notes:

  • Dalia Margolis was poisoned during her meeting with Helmut Krueger and Viktor Novikov was subsequently killed after his meeting with Decker.
  • The mission was done as a Silent Assassin.
  • Helmut and a bodyguard were knocked out but were later found and rescued.
  • I’m going with the POVs of the targets and occasionally other characters, such as the makeup artist and Helmut Krueger, rather than 47. Adds to the mystery part of him. If I move on to S2, 47 would get a POV view when needed, like during S2 cutscenes.
  • GNN would do a news report on the assassinations at the end, along with the ending cutscene.
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Looking forward to checking it out.

Not quite sure how egocentric this will come across, posting for myself like this, but there is a fanfic I’ve been working on for years now, very slowly and intermittent but still going, that I thought I might share here. Always wanting new opinions on it and as I’ve never been part of a Hitman community before, seems like the time to advertise a bit. Hope some of you check it out and hope you like it if you do.

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