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To be honest the fact the entire game is playable in co-op makes it a buy for me. I did enjoy the last 2 games, especially the co-op parts in the 4th game - But I stopped shy of finishing the game purely because i’d done all the missions that you could do in co-op with my friend and had to complete the remainder of the story alone. I had no interest in doing that, so i’m glad this game will allow co-op play for the entire game.


Not for the money the ask for it and not with the mechanics they have.

Despite playing a total of 500 combined hours of FC 3 and FC 4 (without co-op) I’ll consider buying Far Cry 5 only with a heavy discount and a bunch of good Hardcore mods.


Same here to an extent, I’m friends with 3 guys where we regularly play 4 player co-op games, Shadow Warrior 2 at the moment, and so we’re always on the lookout for new FPS co-op titles. Saying that though, I do kindof agree with Serious_Pony, it does seem like alot more of the same.


I loved Far Cry 4 so I am okay with more of the same.

I would just ask that they improve the radio/DJ I think the last guy was a total bum

and turn down or reduce the number on animals on the board. It was a bitch trying to sneak in that game with the fucking animals attacking your back every 5 minutes.


The gunplay/shooting does not look exactly the same as FC3/4. I’d have to see more to be sure but it looks new or at least a little bit changed up.

I hope it’s not highly edited “gameplay.”


People are saying that the dog mechanic is new, but it’s the exact same with Dogmeat in Fallout 4. Still looking forward to the game though, but I was disappointed with the E3 showcase.



I know this can be necromancy from a thread dead by months, but Far Cry 5 is going to be released beary soon and theyr just showed this ttrailer with some keypoints of the history.

Damn. This one actually gave me chills. It’s pretty creepy actually, wich is a nice serious contrast with the bombastic and patriotic tones of some of the previous trailers.


Don’t worry about that, you provided this thread with new info about Far Cry 5 :smiley:.

The story looks great, i wonder if i can play this alone with the dog? Or do i have to use the resistance? Not going to pre-order this either, i’m not sure this will be a great or a bad Far Cry, i didn’t even finish Far Cry 4, but i’m starting to think about download it again, since there is little new games i’m looking forward to the first half of this year.


I’m gonna preorder ti but 2 weeks before release, just like I did with HITMAN. If they did the polishing they applied to AC: Origins, I’m sure this will be pretty good. The characters are already pretty likeable and interesting.


Really, I think Far Cry 5 will be a good game. My question is, will it be different enough from Far Cry 3 to warrant an early purchase, or will it wind up like Far Cry 4, where it just feels like 3 in a new area with many minor, but ultimately insufficient changes.

I think the story looks fine, but honestly at this point it just seems like a standard Far Cry plot honestly. The only real thing it has going for it is that it is set in the USA, rather than fictional African country, fictional tropical island, or fictional Asian(?) country.

Really, the one thing I may be getting this for is the co-op. I have a few buddies who I played hundreds of hours over the 3 Borderlands games, and we could use a new co-op title to sink time in.


Unless Far Cry 5 will get some Hardcore mods I won’t buy it for any price. I’m too used to playing Far Cry 3 with Ziggy’s Mod and Far Cry 4 with JVarnes Mod.

These mods open up the game’s potential to fullest extent - they make it a true open world (removing borders and making all weapons available for purchase from the beginning) but at the same time give you a real challenge (realistic damage to you and enemies, higher prices in the store etc.) while at the same time removing casual game-breaking and immersion-breaking features like seeing-through-the-walls and shitty FOV.

Switching HUD off and actually exploring the world in order to get new weapons without being stopped by main-story blocks was a godsent feature which made Far Cry 3 and 4 shining examples of a true sandbox.

I literally played hundreds of hours in Far Cry 3 and 4 thanks to that - 280 hours in Far Cry 3 and 200+ in Far Cry 4.

P.S. I’m the kind of guy who thinks Far Cry 2 is the best in the series since it was hardcore, tough and actually made you explore the in-game world in order to survive.


Far Cry 2 is a good game, but can be a bit draining after a while. Far Cries 3 and 4 definetly get a bit on the easy side, especially when you hit the 2nd map when you’re practically a superman, especially if you’ve been doing all the side quests.

My only problem with FC2 is that I think the story is rubbish, and the endings are rubbish.


That was amazing! :sunglasses:


I think FC2 is the worst of the series. Biggest problem is that stealth mechanichs don’t work as in the 3rd and 4th episodes. Plot isn’t so bad. I liked maps and plot. I liked also FC1 even if it was totally different by other games. Obviously FC3 is the best


I’m afraid this one will turn out to be same as 3 and 4 just with new story and better graphics.
I wish ubisoft would stop recycling their games and start giving something new.New assassins creed brought some hope back though


But the newest Assassin creed is just a mix of the newest Ghost Recon and Far Cry with Assassin Creed story.


I like what they did with open world though,I think its the most impressive they’ve built so far.

Yeah,never was a fan of it tbh


Someone saw that the include a far cry 3 remaster in the season pass? That’s what I call getting your money worth. A whole classic included instead of bonus crap, a nice move :slight_smile:


The game looks extremely similar to Far Cry 3. I won’t buy it for full price, no way. I liked Far Cry 4 but it felt like expanded Blood Dragon, just a big dlc.

Sure it has dogs or companions or whatever but these are such minor features that you either have to be mad to pay $60 (or more) for it or you’re really not bored of the Ubisoft open world formula yet, to which I applaud, if you’re not.