Far Cry 5 ‌ ‍


I agree, @scm97tl, that clip literally gave me chills. I can’t wait to get into that world to explore. I loved both Far Cry 3 and 4, so it’ll be a pre-order for me too. :sunglasses:


I’m bored already, the open world Ghost Recon Wildlands was the final straw, it must be one of the fastest unistalled game so far for me :joy:, if i only had bought it on disc so i could sell it again, but it will be in my library as long as the PS4 will live :flushed:.

The Ghost Recon Wildlands, is a great example of how to ruin a awesome IP.


I hope it’s not a new trend. Call of Duty did it with a COD 4 remaster, and you couldn’t buy it seperately.


Actually, they do that. It’s just their flagship franchises that are stale and always the same. They did release games like Steep, For Honor, R6:Siege and they have some “AAA indies” so to speak, like Rayman Origins and Legends, which are both amazing pieces of art, they experiment with stuff like Grow Home and hell, they even resurrected Beyond Good and Evil and apparently spent years being an engine for it.

I dunno, Ubisoft isn’t half as bad as EA or Activision are. If I had to name them somehow, I’d say they are the antihero of gaming industry.


I also waiting for Far Cry 5, been fan of this franchise since Far Cry 3 which I play right now, and aim to play FC 4, Primal and Blood Dragon before FC5. Unfortunatelly since I’m also a completionist type of player I do not think I even end FC3 :stuck_out_tongue:

If I see any of you killing any bear I’m going to find you! Killing bears is forbidden even if they are to eat your face.

And here another awsome trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWQKZGHSdrE


We have a new one from yesterday!



I think that’s Hurk! :open_mouth: He was pretty funny in Far Cry Primal. Wonder what he will do in this one. :smile:


Okay, since i just played couple mission of FC 4 on PS3 i bought it now on PS4 for just 99 NOK, that’s ca £10 and i will try to finish it this time though :joy:.


Far Cry is not about finishing, it’s about doing as much fun stuff before finishing (or sometimes touching at all) main story as possible. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s a trailer about Far Cry 3 Classic Edition:

Apparently, it comes free from the Far Cry 5 Season Pass.


Probably only for consoles, as I’ve heard.


Is this with remastered textures etc or just an ability to play old Far Cry 3 on PS4?


I think it’s just to re-experience the game again on next gen consoles. No remaster for it, unfortunately.


It only came out over 5 years ago, I’m not sure it is really old enough that you can do much to it.


Well gaming industry is so laughable that they remastered The Last of Us after 13 months, so nothing will surprise me after that.


Yeah it’s like all of a sudden it’s apparently harmful to use your older console. Personally though,I like this remaster as I let a friend of mine borrow my copy of Far Cry 3 and he somehow managed to lose it. If I like the game and buy the Season Pass then atleast I get something extra. Maybe get the platinum trophy for it like I initially planned to do. All the retailers I found around my area don’t have Far Cry 3 or it’s too pricey and in an awful state (scratches and shit,oh not in my fucking gaming collection) so might as well try this “next gen version”


Something I was wondering about this game was if it was going to keep the formula of having different factions to fight with (like the Pirates and Privateers from FC3 or the Royal Army and Royal Guard from FC4) and turns out it will.
So these are called The Chosen and fullfill the elite soldiers bulk of the cult. They are, as usual, stronger and actually fight pretty well, plus they will come after you in planes with machineguns.
Personally, I really like how they keep this for the game. Always enjoyed the wide contrast between the factions you fight, starting with the less trained and even amateur, to fighting against actual soldiers and mercenaries. Just hoping they get a bigger variety in their ranks, wich both Privateers and Royal Guard lacked but Pirates and Royal Army had. Gotta love their dialogues.


New trailer presenting the guns for hire!


I will try and act shocked when we find out the Dog is super OP and the only “buddy” you need


My boy Hurk! :joy:
A pretty good trailer for demonstrating the different type of people who will help you along the way of taking back your town. :sunglasses:
I already like Grace Armstrong and her sharpshooting! Also, Jess Black because of her stealthiness. Almost reminds me of the ‘Hunters’ in Far Cry 4. Boomer is by far the best one there! :dog:
Thanks for sharing! @scm97tl