Far Cry 5 ‌ ‍


What’s wrong with having a dog as your only bud?


That’s a badass dog, he even jumped a Cougar!


New gameplay is… awful.

It’s absolutely the same game we had before + buddies that win the game for you.

At least MGS V’s Quiet and D-Dog did not make it THAT easy.

Gg, Ubisoft, even mods won’t save it.


I don’t think they should change the Far Cry IP too much or maybe not at all, since it’s gone a long time since i played Far Cry 3 i really appreciate Far Cry 4 more now than when i played it when it was just out on PS3.

If we can choose to use the buddies or not, i will choose not to, i’m playing Far Cry 4 righ now and i have not used tokens to call for help, i want to handle things myself and i hope we have that option in Far Cry 5 :grinning:.


I’m sure it will be possible but these “buddies” (total MGS rip-off) are one of the selling points for the game so they are somewhat important. Imagine making useless and annoying mechanics the selling point! This is worse than the Batmobile from Arkham Knight which was useless gimmick half the game was based around!

Biggest problem of Far Cry series is that it’s stale and has no challenge anymore. What do Ubi do? Make it even LESS CHALLENGING!


We have to wait and see, i don’t know if use of buddies is forced upon us, if it is, then it’s time to play Far Cry on hard :joy:, i play on normal now and i find Far Cry 4 as challenging than Far Cry 2 or 3.


I really recommend to play all of them on Hard. Though the downside is that Ubi tend to make enemies a bit bullet-spongey, that’s one thing about vanilla Far Cry 3/4 that lowers my enjoyment from the unmodded game.

P.S. On the unrelated note, here are the mods I was talking about:

https://www.nexusmods.com/farcry3/mods/63/ Far Cry 3

https://www.nexusmods.com/farcry4/mods/8 Far Cry 4


Make any FC challenging? Turn off the whole HUD and play on Hard difficulty, plus never using any syringes except the one that acts like medkit.


DD, no, but if Quiet wasn’t marking and clearing out entire areas for you with a couple of commands and nothing but KOs, you were using her wrong. You could literally play the game using just the iDroid app if you gave her a good loadout. Either way, this definitely looks like a same shit, different day situation. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a long meeting with Johnnie Walker to help me forget that we’re getting this over another Splinter Cell.


That’s the exact reason why I prefer DD.

By the end of the game when half of the enemies wear helmets, Quiet is not that OP anymore, though.


That’s why I think I’m gonna go back to FC2 instead of 5. This is the… fifth time they’re trying to sell me Far Cry 3. Fourth if we don’t count Blood Dragon.


Ubisoft is really going in the right path in order to make a bit more in terms of backstory than the previous games. These descriptions, while quite simple, actually give a nice insight on the people and animals you can rely on if you want.
P.D. Boomer isn’t the Good Boy. Cheeseburger is the Best Good Boy.


That’s cool! Ubisoft gave you a :bear: buddy @scm97tl :grinning: , i’m a dog person, so if i’m forced to have a buddy with me, it have to be Boomer.


Cheeseburger only playthrough incoming


Idk about this game I only played one far cry game but I was always kind of a fan of Assassins creed (except unity and liberation eff that) since origins turned me back around, but this looks kind of similar to to other far crye’s I saw walkthroughs on Youtube, this is literally Ubi’s copyng - refining and downgrading every continous game in their somewhat original series…GODDAMIT UBI I WAS YOUR FAN FOR…4 months after the rebirth of Ac…well I suppose that EA is worse lol.



So no more Bell Towers? :open_mouth:


Interesting stuff. I think the removal of towers with the organic map system reminds me of Fallout, where talking to NPCs or findings items in the world can reveal other locations, so that sounds good. I’m also glad we have actually planes and helicopters, so aerial combat is actually a thing. The gyrocopter in Far Cry 4 felt really half assed.

Not sure about non-linearity. I like the fact that we’ve ditched the 2 maps system from FC2, 3 and 4, and it sounds like it just one massive map with 3 regions. The problem though with such a system is that it means each of the 3 regions presumably must have a similar difficulty curve to accomodate players who try each region first, and I think the problem with that is that if you do 1 region at a time, by the time you do the 2nd and 3rd regions, they may become very easy. I guess once you do the 3 regions, you unlock the finale with the game’s big villian I suppose.


The gyrocopter was pretty cool. It helped to get to locations much easier and faster for collectibles or to get somewhere else. It also had the ability to do a takedown from it to an enemy car! :smile:


It’s been ages since I played Far Cry 4, but from what I remember it felt very awkward to control and was pretty slow. It felt like they didn’t want the player to do anything crazy in it, and as such it felt very limiting. FC5 sounds like it is going to properly embrace the air which is good.