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From my understanding of the vid, you can visit all three regions at any time you want and engage them in the way you think is convenient and apprently the elite forces will show up once you caused enough trouble to the Herald of said region. I guess that each region also has it’s own set of common spawns, I mean, in the region of Jacob (the enforcer of the cult), you are more likely to fight The Chosen at the start since he is who trains them, and in Faith’s region you find those cultist who have that green cloud around their heads more commonly because it’s where they indoctrinate people with the help of drugs. Anyway, I’m excited for the whole scheme.


Well, I’ve been playing it lately. I’m like almost halfway done with game. 52.3% into completion and not even in the north side of Kyrat yet. :slight_smile: When I first flew the gyrocopter, it was pretty fun! Though the only downside that I discovered to it, was that it couldn’t go too high and if you did it would go out of control. Overall, it’s the best vehicle in the game. :sunglasses:


It’s so overpowered in Far Cry 4 that I actually played the game while ignoring it and mostly travelling by foot.

This vehicle gives you stealth, vantage point and speed at the same time. No sacrifices to make like when you choose a car/ATV or anything else.


The buzzer is my most used vehicle in FC4, it’s pretty fast and you can cross the map quickly, i’m using it mostly to get to the collectibles, like lost letters, the masks of Yalung and Ghale journals.
Looks like Ubisoft have ditched one featured from a another game, but using a feature from a another game, i mean the open map feature from AC and in Far Cry 5, it’s 4 targets like the-not-so-Ghost-Recon Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

But it’s few interesting games this early in 2018 so i’m going to buy Far Cry 5 :blush:.


“I heard you like the gyrocopter. I’ll be a shame if someone was in the mountains nearby taking pot-shots at you”.


Hahaha, yeah a hit from a 50 cal sniper rifle would bring me down pretty fast i guess, although flying over Pagan’s wrath is not so wise they are pretty accurate with the mounted guns :joy:, but the side arm rocket launcer helps a lot.


That Gernade Launcher is amazing! Got it from the beginning and never used another side arm that is great as that one. :slight_smile:


These look awesome!


I plan on getting the gold edition, but at the same time the collecter’s edition looks pretty good. :slight_smile:


I weep for the games industry.


I think i will do the same, mostly because of Far Cry 3 is in this gold edition, it’s been so long since i played it and i don’t have PS3 anymore, but FC3 will be released as a stand alonegame this summer and even if i buy this gold edition it will not be released before this summer, so i will still have to wait for summer to play FC3, i haven’t decided yet, but i want those signature weapons :blush:.


I’m going for the Gold Edition aswell. In the aspect of merchandise, I’ll wait until (if that happens) they have figurines of Mary, Jerome, Grace or Cheeseburger.
Also, the Season Pass looks really promising this time, like if they will stick to what they did with Blood Dragon and the '80s movies theme.


The opposite of what i feel about the future FC5 DLC’s :joy:, if i’m going for the gold version, it will be for the FC3 and the extra signature weapons, like the sniper rifle.


Last few posts are what’s wrong with game industry.


As a side note, Green Man Gaming are holding a sale on all the previous Far Cries right now.


Well, I just pre-ordered the deluxe edition of Far Cry 5. I was going to get the gold edition, but they didn’t have a physical copy of it, only the steelbook gold edition they had available for a physical copy of it. But, I’m happy anyways. :sunglasses:




As long as there aren’t more eagles and leopards attacking you every minute, I’m fine with the wildlife.



Looks like the wildlife will attack us in FC 5 like they did in FC 2-4 and in FC 5, planes will attack us when we start to kill the 4 bosses, so maybe we will have to watch out for both planes and eagles in FC5 :open_mouth: :joy:.


Cool to see a few new animals. Wolverine, Bulls, and Cows. There’s even a skunk! That’s freaking awesome. :rofl: Animals can get drugged and get more vicious? That’s a new one. :smiley:


Looks like we can be it as well, skunked as they called it and we will be some kind of drugged :joy::


somthing like a LSD effect if we are skunked :joy:.