Far Cry 5 ‌ ‍


But these are just reskins that act almost exactly the same like leopards, yaks and honey badgers from previous games…


Yeah that is a thing that annoys me as well. Granted,some animals repeat themselves but come on,it’s the fifth installment,it calls for fresher animations. Especially after 4 recycled a lot. Oh and Primal.


My Cousin and me buy it right at the release and meet up at the following weekend to play it together all day long. We’re also invited to a barbeque that day/ weekend, so we don’t have to care about food :smile: When the weekend is over do my holidays start. Perfect timing.


Also gonna have the chance to play it during a holiday week. I’m certain it will be a blast to mow down crazed cultists with a turbo tractor that has a frontal mini-combine harvester!


And i’m looking forward to drive american muscle cars and trucks :blush:.


And when we are talking about vehicles in FC5, here is a new IGN first video about the subject:

This one is what i’m looking forward to drive, the widowmaker :joy::



That truck is the most “America, fuck yeah!” you are gonna see this year. I love it.


I dont know why I’m so hyped… I mean, the game wont be a masterpiece, that’s for sure - but I’m so exited…
Maybe because I’m wondering if it will match with the other parts/ reach them - especially referring to 3, which was very awesome. Well, heres a countdown :smile: https://yourcountdown.to/far-cry-5


One thing, I’ve noticed from early gameplay, is that the character you’re playing as doesn’t have a knife or at least a sharp weapon when you’re doing a takedown like Jason, Ajay, and that Primal guy. Which would be weird, if that is the case in this upcoming Far Cry installment.


(Maybe false information)


Who is ready to be purified by the waters of baptism?

In case the previous vid can’t be watched in your country, try this one.


Oh, I’m using the machete then. Thanks.


A Machete would be cool, indeed - but what about a Fiber wire…?


Not available in my country. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Interesting video about Far Cry/ FC5 - sorry if someone already linked it.


Just look for it as far Cry 5 baptism trailers. They are already bringing them on other channels aswell.


Nothing better than a sneak peak into the mission to save the best bear boy, Cheeseburger!

Edit: New character trailers for all of the members of the Seed Familiy!.

So far, only Joseph and Faith give me a bit of empathy. Jacob and John are seriously twisted maniacs.


Hahaha and as always a short trip in Far Cry is never easy and Fred is not helping out that much :joy:.


I have a feeling that Joseph Seed is going to be a great antagonist in this Far Cry along with the rest of the Seed family including John, Faith, and Jacob Seed. I have high hopes for him being awesome! I’m really looking forward to this installment and we’re days away now!
“I am your father, and you’re my children” - Joseph Seed



This is a pretty funny one. :joy:


A dog, a bear and a cougar? Forget the mercs, I’ll just use the forces of nature! :ok_hand: