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That Joseph Seed looks like a charismatic guy. Those yellow glasses … so swish. Can we join the cult? lol

I’m an atheist in real life, so I’d like to step out of my comfort zone and be a true believer for a change. :laughing:

I’m guessing that won’t be an option. This being Farcry, and not Fallout. Although I believe that in past games there have been points in the story where you can take a villainous approach. Is that true? (I’m new to the series. Only ever played a bit of Primal.)


Forget about Joseph’s and John’s charisma . Their hyms are pretty good and quite addictive. Might convince you to join into a cult sooner than you would expect.


That is not true. Though in Far Cry 4 you could choose sides and who to support. Also, different endings. But no, there’s never been a path for a villainous approach.


Wow, they’ve got sing-alongs, too! All they need now is cake and lemonade at their sermons, and I’m in. Our Saviour, Mr Seed, will lead us to a righteous victory over the heretical Resistance. Team God. lol

(Thanks for the info., @SpeedsterRunner217.)


Besides maybe the ending in Far Cry 3.


So, I’ve been speculating the Story Trailer for Far Cry 5 that they released a month ago and here’s what I think.

First of all, I think this might be the intro into the game by just telling that the deputies are there to arrest Joseph Seed and the rest of the family.


By looking at these images, I have a feeling that we will be locked up in a cage twice or maybe once. Don’t know. But totally looks like it. That might be a pretty cool scene probably. (Jacob and Joseph)


I believe that looks like the priest that I will be part of the resistance team that’ll be fighting with you. If that is him then it looks like he is being captured by John.


Lastly, this is the same scene where John and priest is. As shown above. After they knock him out with a few punches, it looks like you grab the gun immediately and try to shoot John! But then the priest try’s to stop you from doing so, by the looks of his hands. This has me intrigued!




You’re a fan of AC but you don’t like Far Cry because Ubisoft is copying the formula…? I mean they’ve been making the same AC for ten years since AC2 released. Origins changed things around, true. Still, even though you’re right, I don’t get how can you call out Ubi for recycling FC while being an AC fan.


I am a fan of the more recent ac games including Syndicate & Origins, and I am not a fangirl since I hated Unity, revelations and all that crap, But I just meant that Ubi is doing things bad and creating replicas of the same games, just reskined, with features/even downgrades, so it happened with the Ezio Franchise.
Not only that but Far Cry seems like a very goood series just the fifth addiditon seems…kinda…lackluster.

I ofc meant Ubi in general NOT one franchise.


To me, this looks amazing compared to Primal.


The Graphics and the 2 new gameplay options may seem great, but as for me…idk - but we all have opinions! :wink:


I’m as stocked for this far cry as any guy but Obi has a point,they are pretty formulaic. This one though,with the fact that it doesn’t have those annoying radio towers,may just start a good trend in the series,by putting more enphasys on exploring to discover new things.
Gameplay seems slighty improved. I like the companions.
To be blunt,the only thing that scares me is a Watch dogs 2 kinda game. A game in which Ubi doesn’t really know how to set the mood for the story. I hope we get a dark or dark comedy at best kinda game. Like Far Cry 3 and most of 4.


Ubisoft is really going the extra mile this time with FC!

Many vids in case some aren’t avaible in your country. I’m more than convinced at this point to actually pre-order it. Looks worthy in all aspects.


The whole Far Cry Arcade / Map Editor thing looks very good. I was always a big fan of the map editor & the new improvements sound interesting.


A new TV spot to promote the game.

Yup. It’s time to make that preorder!


jeesus imagine if hitman had something like this! but its much more difficult with a single player interaction based puzzle game


Sure it is. At least in Patient Zero we are starting to see future possibilities for IO to include varied stuff in the HITMAN universe.


I haven’t watch none of the characters trailer nor other ones besides the first 2 and I was convince to buy the game just from that.
Pre order it a few month ago. 25 March is the release date right?


The release date is on March 27.