Far Cry 5 ‌ ‍


Another live action trailer to keep feeding the emotion! Includes a brief part of the in-game events.

2 vids in case you can’t see one or other for country restrictions.


John is a very interesting guy and very cool antagonist!

“My parents were the first ones to teach me about the power of yes.” - John Seed :sunglasses:



My new wallpaper for my phone. :smile: :dog:


Didn’t remember I made this thread and I just bought the game.
My memory is shot. :confused:


Will be waiting for a review from you, mate.



Nice review. Proved me right on my overall expectations and doubts - not a bad game but it’s Ubisoft with all the problems that come out of it.

I’d rather replay FC 3 again.


Yes, in my experience, ACG team is trustworthy when it comes to game reviews. It’s the usual trend we see with every big title these days. There will be bug fixes, patches and even new content added down the line. :slight_smile:


I played all the franchise except Primal. I’ll play it and FC5 as soon as possible


I bought it today, yes pre-order, something i normally don’t do anymore, but Far Cry is Far Cry, so i’m pretty sure i will not be disappointed, i’m downloading it now, maybe it’s downloaded already, i haven’t checked :joy:.
But i can play it midnight ca 4,5 hour from now.


One. More. Day. :smiley: :video_game:



Not even a day… :smile:


00:01 … and it’s out!


Lol have fun fam! :rofl::rofl:


I still have to wait other 7 hours for it but the excitement is already on!!!



I still have a few more hours to wait.


mfw YE



Just started playing it, the intro story is really good and now it’s time to do a clean up in Hope County :joy: and i like FC5 so far :blush:.


6 hours into it and loving it! Already started pissing off John. It feels pretty fluid in general.


MFW when I have spent the past 4+ hours dealing with a broken Uplay and the game won’t even launch, considering it puts my CPU to 100% usage and then crashes my computer.

The quality software engineering at Ubisoft amazes me every time I have to deal with Uplay.