Far Cry 5 ‌ ‍


Looks like the best Far Cry ever made <3

Will buy it for sure (after completing FC3 & 4) :+1:


Is it similar to how it is with Assassin’s Creed: Origins?


Nah it’s specific to uPlay the client used to launch Ubisoft games.
Happens to any game I try to launch from it.


Well I have to say I just played through Far Cry 5’s intro and first island, and it’s really well optimized and well done. Game have superb soundtrack, and very nice feeling when it comes to shooting. It seems that they improved that weight feeling to weapons. Game on hard IS hard.
In short it’s great.

Have a question though:

  1. There is bomb package in uplay rewards for 10u points. Is that cheat item? What exactly it goves you?
  2. There is free uplay reward named Fan bundle, or fan package. It have social media icons on it. What exactly does it give you?


Just got my deluxe edition today and started playing Far Cry 5. The introduction to game was so awesome and intriguing! Definitely looking forward to seeing what else the game has to offer. Also, got my season pass of the game! So, I’m satisfied now. :sunglasses:


OkiDoki, So I posted a lot of shite about this game and critizing UBi for the repetivines in their games, but I gave it a shot…And I love it, It’s great, Intro is perfect, The map is huge, Open world is packed, Story seems great, Enemies and side missions are glorius, The mechanics and hunting are improved I love it - SO WHAT?!?!

iT’s nOt Like it iS the bEst GOTY Of 2018 wHat aRe YoU tAlking aboUt? Pffft…smh.


I really like some of the details of this game. Many of the cultists actually sing along the hyms where there are speakers with them on or can be found in the paths playing the guitar an other stuff.
By the way…
I already want a real Cheeseburger bubblehead.



8.9 Too much 0.1 - IGN.


Yeah. :slight_smile:
Their scale reads Amazing! for scores of 9.0 and above. I guess that’s why they gave it 8.9. The cruelty!
10.0 is, of course, Masterpiece.


It’s almost like that 0.1 points is going to kill them.

And this is why I only trust Gameranx’s reviews


“Hope. South Dakota. You’re a long way from home.”

Lol I saw the first 10 minutes, really good Outlast 2 feel…seems interesting and atmospheric.


just picked it up, gonna play it tomorrow with a friend. :smiley:


Still missing the knife thorw takedown from the previous games but this also works wonders.


I’m still playing FC 4 and wanted to finish the Hurk missions, but i have 10 masks of yalung to pick up and ca 5 story mission left to do, but what i wanted to say :joy:, is that i always forget to use the throwing knives in FC 4, my AR is silenced, my pistol is silenced and my sniper rifle is silenced, so i never or very rare use the throwing knives.
But a pipe, a tree branch and a baseball bat in FC 5 is a new way to take down enemies silently, i don’t know if we are finding a knife later in the game, but a pipe, a tree branch and a baseball bat makes the game a bit fresh when it comes to silent takedowns :grinning:.


So, yesterday, while I was doing missions, I got captured by the cultists and John Seed was doing the clensing on me. Was this suppose to happen? I was confused by it. Has this happened to you guys yet?


Yes! Oh, I was completly suprised by that! It seems it happens in random place and time. I was just going to hunt and fish when I saw pegies truck on a way. So I decided to take it since that was in my direction anyway.

And I get hit with some kind of narcotics, start hearing voices. I tried to run away to nearby pit when my companion was covering me. But they captured me.

What a game… that was completly unexpected.


Not completely. You are called beforehand and told that you have been marked and should be on guard. But still, its very cool!


Yea I get that, you get some notification. But after playing like 6-7 hours and meeting cultists at every step I always felt like I was marked for killing. :stuck_out_tongue:
But in a way… for me that was just some screen notification I do not expected to be taken from just hunting… that’s brilliant. It’s not giving any waypoint, not special place for it. That’s my point.


Nothing says “I’m a most wanted resistance member” than wearing a t-shirt with a smilig bear on it.
Also, when there are no shootings, it’s quite pleasant to find both cultists and resistance members doing fun stuff in the wilderness, like playing the guitar and singing either hyms or country songs respectively.