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I found 3 teddy bears! Found it while I was locating a prepper stash on a bed. :bear:


And here’s me killing the very drugged up moose with red eyes! They were much more aggressive like that.



The stash is from Grace’s home. You can find one of her rifles on the wall.


I want to buy this game just to fulfill what is now a dream of mine; that is, I want to throw a shovel at a man’s head.


Far Cry 5. 10/10. :star::star::star::star::star: :+1::+1:

That is all.

Edit: Actually, you can’t have a beard so I give it a 9.9/10.


After lots of hours with my friend i can say that I love this game and can recommend it to everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, I finished all of the main activities for the campaing but still missing a couple of challenges: the one of killing three enemies by sabotage of vehicles and the one of 60 minutes of co-op play.
Then did the final mission and watched both endings that just left me with a face like all of these for a couple of hours:
No details about the endings because spoilers but you will notice a change in the face of all of your menus and of course the red x on Joseph:
I’m not sure how to feel about how the game ends but can tell you that both endings are quite ambiguous, specially when you take in count our dear deputy gets sky high in every region because of the cult’s drug Bliss.


How about a little fishing contest? Who can catch the biggest Pallid Sturgeon? The record in Holland Valley is 55 Ibs, according to the fishing records in Falls End.
I start with my current record at 57.26 Ibs, which is definitely beatable. You can catch Pallid Sturgeons in the west of Holland Valley, south of the Lamb of God Church. A screenshot is not needed, I think that we all play fair.
Good luck!


About contests, you already did their live event that started today? It’s about killing 20 animals with fire but you aren’t allowed to use molotovs or the flamethrower. Interesting idea but I didn’t like killing animals that didn’t do anything harmful to me, except the wolverines. To hell with them and their crotch biting. The reward is a golden flamethrower and if all the community sums up to 20000 kills we all get the cultist flamethower outfit.


I think it’s the other way around. After killing my first animal the outfit unlocked and the flamethrower is still locked. You could just burn all the animals which attack you randomly, while running around.


Weird. I got the flamethrower after getting the 20 kills and the outfit still locked. Oh well. This flamethrower has the same skin as the “Sin Eater” D2. Looks cool.


Well, looks like I won’t be able to 100% the game unless I start all over again, which I don’t mind. Basically, I was in Jacob’s Region and the meter was full, so it triggered more of the story and I still had a mission with Eli before I got captured. And that resulted in me not being able to do his mission because he got killed in the trial I was doing for Jacob as part of being captured. Never saw that coming. Also, the game crashed right after I recruited Hurk as a specialist in the region, but the game doesn’t count it now and that mission isn’t available for me to no more. 2/3 I guess. Anyways, does anybody know what the cult property is in Jacob’s Region? I sure have not been able to destroy one yet nor track one either.


The wolf beacons. They have a big red light and a generator running. They blow up quite hard so don’t be too close and also look out for all the wildlife that can be close to them. I kinda noticed that your fangs for hire get attracted too so you can walk around and when you see they go to a specific spot without your command, that means a beacon is close.


So, gameplay wise, fantastic game, really enjoying it. Even atmosphere wise, pretty solid. 3 buyer bewares though:

  1. The whole “get captured, escape, get captured, escape” gets old reeeeeeeeeeally god damn fast. Its not realistic, it breaks immersion, and its just not fun to sit through some mandatory grusome torture scene every five minutes.
  2. Silent protagonist was a terrible design choice that was like done purely to cut costs. Dumb.
  3. The ending is atrocious. Worst ending I’ve seen in years. Dont bother finishing, just liberate all 3 areas and call it a win. Trust me, you’ll be better off for it.


The endings wouldn’t have being so bad if they were optional endings in a more organic way. They are forced, specially when you do the game 100% ( Am I supposed to swallow that the deputy of a county in Montana is the responsible of a nuclear war because of the use of lethal force against a violent cult?). Still, I just hope they do somethign about it and come with something more plausible even if it’s bittersweet. And while I liked the Seed family monologues, I agree it’s bothersome that no matter how hard you try, you get captured one way or another (at least you can buy more time with Faith if you identify her traps to trick you).


You’re missing the whole point of the game (in-game dialogues and especially Seed monologues) then.

The only good ending is leave the cult alone in the beginning of the game, just like in FC 4. Murder never gets you a happy ending.


At least in Far Cry 4 the ending was bittersweet and also had some good learning. Here we are practically told that we are responsible for the nukes. A conflict between North Korea, USA and Russia an implying a country sheriff’s deputy is responsible for these three factions going nuclear is just plain stupid. Besides, leaving a violent cult that doesn’t has qualms about turning people into mindless zombies and various animals into ferocious abominations to do their will doesn’t seems like a better destiny. I’ll be more than happy if they just added the option to keep the bunkers so the resistance is ready for the end at least or even go like Far Cry 2 and in the end kill your former allies and also Joseph and that ending with our Deputy being arrested at the end or something. Something with more clousure than just end of the world for taking on a bastard and his family.


It’s not that Deputy caused the end but the fact that Joseph was right all along about the world on the edge and coming Collapse that seems to be the morale.


For all that matters, Dutch and also other people like Grace were ready for something like that. The whole county is filled with bunkers and prepper shelters.Besides, the final confrontation is out of place with him capturing almost all of your allies. Having Grace and Hurk by my side when I was on way to the compound just contributed to the feeling of a completely forced scenario. At the end, I don’t really get what the writers tried to give as a message here. Because you are right about something that is a generalized view of a possible demise for all of what we know means it’s good even if you are leader of a unfriendly militaristic cult that steals, murders and drugs anyone they come across.


After leaving the cult, I’m now stuck in an endless credits loop, with the only you music. Joseph, what are you trying to tell me?


Warning to all players which haven’t finished the game yet. There seems to be a glitch, depending on the choices you make at the end. The glitch is an endless credits loop, starting over and over again. It makes the game unplayable. There’s no solution for the glitch yet.
Spoiler: The glitch seems to get triggered when you decide to walk away. There are already a few YouTube Videos about it.
I already contacted the support, still waiting for an answer.
Edit: Ok, Ubisoft seems to be aware of the problem. They’re working on it.