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I did the Walk Away ending to begin with and the credits finished just fine. Then went again to continue the game and left me exactly how I was before finishing the game so I was able to do the Resist ending aswell. I was getting worried about this issue when I heard the same music again but thankfully it was going as intended


Why? Are all these compromises to achieve better optimization, or sheer laziness on Ubisoft’s part?
And I have to say Far Cry 2 looked and played amazing for its time!


Both have strong points and faults. Many want to give extra praise to FC2 for it’s gun care system and how realistic it is until you notice only you get affected by it and the enemies can fire indefinitely, or getting malaria almost every hour, guns dropped by enemies jamming from just some shots fired, practically non-existent stealth approach, etc. Seriously, watching people saying they won’t buy FC5 because they can’t shoot off some tree branch is absurd.


Okay, but my question was around why these existing features were removed to begin with. These would have added a lot more to the experience. I am sure FC5 does several things better, as is expected from a newer title. :slight_smile:

Knowing that Assassin’s Creed: Origins packed a hell of a lot of details and was (still is) affected with severe performance issues, I was wondering if cutting down on details, thereby freeing up CPU to some extent, was a move on Ubisoft’s part to improve performance.

Edit: Some things can be dispensed with, like shooting off tree branches and stuff. But then again, there are other gameplay related stuff, like triggering explosions by setting off cartridges, shooting through fences, better enemy AI (at least like FC2), that are absolutely required IMO.



I put that up already. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I think we all are now aware of the video… :smile: You already posted it in another thread and it even got posted here before, two posts above.


For folks annoyed and/or depressed with the previous video(s), here you go! :slight_smile:


aww sheeit, sorry :sweat_smile: Just wanted to show this to as many folks as possible. How games were personal and much more realistic back then and now its just making games look as pretty as possible.


Everything alright :smile:

Totally agree!


I really wanna buy Far Cry 2 when it goes on sale. I’ve always been a sucker for games that go for realism and things that make a player say ‘WOW’.


Is anyone trying to recreate a Hitman map in the Arcade editor? I probably try to build the small area from “A New Life”. All objects are there afaik.


Cool idea! Will you create with or without textures?


Now I’m the father! I bought his sunglasses, or better said, cheap ones that look like his ones. You can buy the original ones from the Ubisoft store for 60$. :smile:
Some small details are different.


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I will lead you. I will lead you to my Garden of Eden. We will together cut off the head of the snake and protect its fruit. But first we must make sacrifices. Follow me blindly, because I am the prophet.

What are we doing. My game is still broken. The only thing that I can watch are the credits with the only you music. I think the father really wants to tell me that he likes me. Hopefully.


Because only you make what is wrong see right.


It has good details, but unfortunately the gameplay makes a lot of mistakes. I hope they go back to Africa in Far Cry 6.


Just messing around with the possibilities. Don’t know if I am able to recreate Vinnies house.

A quick try from yesterday:



Seems like you’re also playing on xbox. If you upload the map I’ll definitely take a look at it! Looks interesting.