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Based on absolutely perfect stastics of IQ 200 IGN game reviewers we can see how Fortnite Battle Royale - based on facts, science & reviews NOT opinions is a waaay better game than Far Cry 5:

  • Far Cry 5 (Bad Arcade levels (This review was made on the first day THATS WHY ITS BAD DUMBASS), Not memorable villains (Why I could agree on that, Joseph & Faith Seed were the most memorable because of Joseph’s lust for power - and him being the leader ofc. and Faith’s backstory and being a bliss creating bitch & although other leaders in other far cry games are more memorable like Pagan IT’S JUST plain wrong to state opinions as facts)) = 8.9 GREAT

  • Fortnite Battle Royale (Destroys the competition in competitive gaming (See sweetie, every game has an end, HALO was popular - right now it dug it’s own grave, H1Z1…poor H1Z1, PUBG was popular - & still kinda is - but Fortnite because being more appealing to children and being free ofc. brought down the competition; but it is ‘‘unfortnately’’ ruining itself because of lag - so Pubg in later days is a bit more concurrent players. After that both BR games are going to get murdered by GTA 6 and so on - it’s like a food chain), It forces players to fight to become last one standing in an ever-shrinking play zone (See how they are talking like Fortnut BR invented the Genre NOT Arma 3 & H1Z1?) Instead of flying from a military plane it’s a party bus!!! GREAT (Wow - so different…sarcasm) = 9.6 AMAZING


Well clearly iit’s a better game according to science!

P.S. (Its also Ironic how Witcher 3, PUBG & Ac Origins have lesser scores than Fortnut BR)


It’s the worst of Arkham serie… I started to write but then I realized you’re talking about Assassin’s Creed. My bad.


Small update. I’m trying to build the mansion today.



Great explanation of the Far Cry 5 ending




Wow they went fully into the religion for this game-but not in the way I was expecting.

I am disappointed it wasn’t as dark and gritty with cults and far right Christianity as I would have hoped.

But seeing the fuss children were making at the first rumors of the games I can’t be surprised.

“What so your shooting white republicans in this game that’s wasist”

The sheriff being called white horse and the whole quoting of revelations was a dead give away for me.


Far Cry 5 did better by making fun and being satirical of everyone. It’s not a game series that needs to make political statements.

P.S. It had quite a few really funny jokes about current politics, though. Mostly in item descriptions.


I’m still pretty confused overall with all the outcomes. Normally, when a game has any ending like these and they return you to the gameworld to finish anything you have left uncomplete, you appear just before the final mission wich you can visit again anytime, but here you appear like if the final mission happened but the outcome was that you actually took down Joseph Seed and liberated the whole county. It got me even more confused at what exactly happened because many NPCs start talking about it: that you killed him and thank you for finally putting the cult to rest. It’s an interesting game with interesting endings but still don’t feel any kind of clousure for it.


My house looks good so far. Don’t let me down. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well it’s a first game with working HDR. Why it can’t work in hitman? I bought a monitor because of hitman. No grey “filter” no washed out colors, just works and looks amazing.


MFW Adelaide drops the line: “All I want to hunt today is Trouser Snake”.



If you have ever visited the 8-Bit Pizza Parlor at Henbane River and maintained extensive conversations with her, you’ll know a lot more of her pintorest comments. She remids you constantly that you “ain’t in fuckin’ Canada”.


Still working on the map. The main game is so much fun, don’t have the time for both.




This seems to have been the case, and explains Far Cry 5’s good performance.



You’re welcome.


The world is so much better with Dunkey in our lives.


When you fall in the realization that joining a cult was perhaps a bad choice.
I love this new Death From Below format.


I have to say Far Cry 5 is one of the better Far Cry games I have ever played, the only complaints I have is that we are getting too much resistance points, I have now killed John and Jacob and I missed out on many story missions, I wish we needed 20000 or 30000 points before we could kill any of them :flushed:.


That’s pretty much the main complaint I have about the game. Otherwise, I really enjoy it.

I hope Ubi will fix this by adding New Game+ or something like that (like in AC: Origins).