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If i’m goint to play it all over, I will try to stick to main missions, because we are getting resistance points for almost everything we do, I rescued too many civilians and did too many side missions etc :flushed:.


I have just started from scratch again without finish the game yet and this time i’m going to do only story mission and wait with side mission etc in each zone after i have killed one of the 3 main characters, so i don’t fill up the resistance meter too fast :grinning:.


I signed up on Far Cry forum and shared my concern with them, maybe Ubisoft will increase the resistance meter? Nothing wrong with hoping :blush:.



So FC5 got an update and now we also get Special Outfits, wich are skins based on characters of the game. Right now the only avaible are from Sheriff’s Whitehorse and John Seed. Also, they added masks to the customization. Anyway, this week’s event has you killing Judges (Jacob’s wolf companions) with arrows or knifes so you the community gets an outfit from the cult’s hunters but the individual reward is way more interesting because it’s a weapon this time and a fun one:
The Shovel Launcher

It can one-shot The Chosen, big animals, heavy flammers and gunners, also cult’s VIP and angels.

Fun to use, quite practical and can recover the shovels like if they were arrows or knives, so it’s actually a viable choice of a gun, and it’s Cheeseburger approved.


I know of someone who’s going to have a great time with this absolute monstrosity.


I finished far Cry 5 yesterday, it must be the shortest Far Cry I have played and I rushed it a bit, mainly because of the resistance points and some missions disappearing when you have killed one of the leaders and when the planes start to appear , you want to kill the leader as fast as possible, not fun to fish or hunt animals when you are attacked by this plane and a helicopter all the time and after the end the world is quite empty for enemies, because of all of this I have to correct myself, it’s not one of the best Far Cry games I have played, the planes, the resistance meter and been pulled away from what you are doing and face one of the leaders became annoying and some missions was auto completed after I returned to the world, so I finished it and deleted the game, even I had many side missions left to do, but I don’t see the point of doing it after the ending, so i’m done with Far Cry 5 :flushed: :grinning:.

True, i tried to fish early in the game, but a patrol boat drove by and insta recognized me and killed me while I was trying to reel in the fish, the same with hunting, the enemies appears from nowhere and starts to shoot you and all then animals runs away, that’s before you kill one of the leaders, after you have killed one of the leaders, it is the opposite, very few enemies and the zone feels empty and boring :flushed:.


^This, plus I’ve also heard about patrols who apparently appear every 10 seconds on roadways making it impossible to take in the atmosphere and travel. Kinda makes the gameplay experience more annoying than fun?


I noticed that patrols and roadblock get more common the more you let them crush you or ignore them. If you fight back, or actually resist, you get more time free from them. Besides, you can always call your own support for these situations, wich is why Mrs. Drubman and Nick are very valuable assets to get early in the game.


True, one time i had both with me and Mrs. Drubman was shot down and she used a parachute and when the cooldown was over i added her to my team again, but this time she come on foot with a assault rifle, I was like “what the…!? get your helicoper, I need you in the air not on foot” :joy:.


Can we also play this on Ps4 when it’s done? It looks good!


I just finished the main story of Far Cry 5, it was a good game, and I think they divided each section well for each of the three herelds


Building a complete house on my own with the Xbox controller is tricky. This is too ambitious for my first ever map.


These days have being entartaining with the live events. Last week they gave you a new gun, the M9 (first the custom version and then a week later they give the stock version to everyone) for playing 40 minutes of the Arcade mode. Pretty cool way of finding a lot of maps that are fun and the community reward was either the Marshall uniform or Deputy Hudson’s uniform depending of your Deputy’s gender.

And for this week, it’s based in the Sharpshooting Hero, Grace Armstrong. Gotta kill as many peggies from far away with the distance being minimun of 150-160 meters and you get the Armstrong plane wich used to be a promo for her old man’s gun shop and her olimpic competition. The community reward is the same outfit worn by all the hunters who sell you stuff on the go.


Gotta give it to Ubisoft, tho the only 2 good things about them are:

  • They are not EA,
  • That’s it.

But after they drop an actual good game they never fail to dissapoint w/the extra content they give in it!
Only after a month they do weekly stuff for their fanbase - good for them!

EDIT: Oh and they created Assassins’s creed Origins aswellL, THAT’S GREAT TOO.


Gotta hand it to Ubisoft for consistently providing content, and also for the comeback with Assassin’s Creed: Origins. I do have to admit that I am slightly disquieted with the rumor about a new Assassin’s Creed game planned for this E3.


Walmart, is not the best leaker of games imo (except rage 2 is a thing lol), so I hope Kotaku and Ubi gives news.


I’m trying to recreate this on ps4, if you don’t mind. It’s an awesome concept.

May I ask under which categorie you found that gate? Can’t seem to find it. And how did you make the sidewalk?


Looks like the first DLC drops on June 5th, 2018!

Here’s a teaser of Hours of Darkness:


It will be interesting to see your version.

I don’t know the exact categories anymore, but I can take a look at the asset names next time I play.

The sidewalk is just a big line of tarmac looking assets, with curvy versions. The slim lines are located somewhere in the “railroad” sub category.


Hahah, thanks for the tip man. I already made some great progress. You can see some pics on my Twitter if you’re interested. Don’t wanna post pics here yet, want it to be a surprise when it’s done :slight_smile:


Oh, yeah, it does look way more realistic. And Travis already retweeted it. :grinning:


Far Cry 3 Classic Edition Hype!!!