Far Cry New Dawn


Official teaser trailer!
Worldwide reveal on Thursday, December 6 at 5:30PM PST

Fallout 76

this is mega spoilers for FC5


Do we really need another Far Cry/copy+paste-base-liberation-game this soon after 5? The last time they succesfully tried something new was Blood Dragon.

Bet we’ll be playing as the villain once more in whatever this new one will be called.


That is exactly what I thought when I saw the caption of this teaser. I think it’s way too early.


They want to grab the F76 users.


It looks like Far Cry 5, but after the ending? Maybe it is in the same location, they could impossible make a brand new Far Cry in 9 months?



This looks exactly like Far Cry 5(setting, colors, theme). Wtf?


Seems like being a reskin of the pevious game is another aspect they got from Fallout. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, it handles the same, uses the same models and animations, is set in the same map with the same gameplay mechanics, but there’s a new coat of paint on top.

That will be $59,99 plus tip, goyim! And don’t forget to pre-order to receive an exclusive skin for your in-game weapon and an exclusive wallpaper!

Also, pre-order the $29,99 season pass featuring content that should have been in the game but is being held back so we have something to sell you down the line. Don’t worry though, it’s free with the $200 Collector’s Edition which includes a canvas bag


And please do buy our year 2 season pass with almost no content, just some reskins and a broken weapon (Ghost Recon Wildlands year 2 pass, maybe improved after complaints?) :joy:.


far cry 6 more like far chry shit :sunglasses:


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I’m glaf this continues from FC5 ending. It will be interesting to see a post-apocalyptic FC game.


Ubisoft has this amazing ability to make so many of their games essentially play exactly the same. Must cut down on the tutorial section work for their devs! :wink:


why does everyone seem to think this is a full game? afaik nothing about it has been confirmed yet, this is almost 100% either a big story/standalone DLC or a battle royale game (please no)


It has become a norm in gaming industry. Using same game assets to produce new game at low investment.
Assassin creed odyssey - Origins
Fallout 4 - Fallout 76
Shadow of Mordor - Shadow of war
Rise of tomb Rider - Shadow of tomb Rider

Hitman 1 - Hitman 2


Could well be just that, because it looks like the same location as Far Cry 5, so it can be just a DLC.

Or a Far Cry Primal kinda thing, which I would also say please no to :grimacing: :joy:.


And yet it’s a brilliant game, in fact one of the best sequels as well as stealth games ever created.

Tons of assets were created for new locations and characters, as well as some newly added mechanics and animations. Why build new mechanics from scratch for a sequel when they’re working great already?

Also nice username :ok_hand:


What the literal fuck?