Favorite Hitman Game? Summarize how you feel about each game


I realize this thread is probably done a bunch of times, but I’m new here and wouldn’t mind discussing the games in detail.

I started off with Blood Money and loved it. Couple years later, I revisited it and then decided to play Contracts and Silent Assassin in that order. I also watched C47 on Youtube.

It’s tough for me to decide a favorite between Silent Assassin and Blood Money.

On one hand, Blood Money is my first and looking back, I really appreciate what it added to the series and how intricate the level design was for the most part. I know some people aren’t too fond of how disguises worked in that game, and I can definitely see why. Although I do think the way the game is designed, it emphasized making sure not to get caught doing something you weren’t supposed to be doing rather than getting seen in general, which does make it stand out among other games like it at the time. The other Hitman games did this too, but not to the same degree.

Could the AI be a bit more suspicious? I guess that depends on how I’m feeling at the moment.

Also, some mechanics could have been fine tuned more and be less exploitable. (Coins, throwing briefcases with bombs in them, ect.) But I’m willing to look past these as I feel the devs didn’t intend for you to do those sort of things.Although other mechanics, such as being penalized for not picking up your suit, not picking up your weapons, leaving witnesses or killing civilians really added to the feel of the game.

Silent Assassin I feel has a more involving story that really humanized 47. Him attempting to leave his old life behind only to be dragged back into it is honestly a really great hook. And I loved how he kept going back to tend to the Church in between missions. The final chapter is also really well done and the ending very sobering.

By comparison to Blood Money, the level design and mission structure is a bit more simple. Which isn’t a bad thing I feel. Sometimes less is more, and having more focused level design could really benefit a game. Most of the levels in this game, despite not having as many options, I still feel are really solidly designed.

The AI can be a bit annoying to deal with, but I can definitely see and appreciate what the devs were going for. Realistically, a mafia gang would be really familiar with each other and immediately suspect when someone is disguising as one of them. Especially considering the mob boss knew about 47 and ransomed Padre. And realistically, if you’re seen running, guards will assume you did something and gun you down for it.

Although I feel the AI seems to be a bit inconsistent at times regarding this leading to some trial-and-error. Hidden Valley and At the Gates will have guards run over to check your ID, but Shogun Showdown has them ignoring you unless you stick around too long. Plus, from what I’ve seen, you can run past them just fine. Again, I can see where they were going with this. Different areas have somewhat different rules. So, it’s not that big of a deal.

Contracts for me probably has some of my favorite tracks in the series and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. However, what kinda brings it down for me overall is the lack of a proper mission briefing screen and the ability to choose your load out before every mission. (Besides being able to after beating the game) I know, kind of petty, but that stuff really added to the experience of being a professional killer. I get that 47 was sort of in a delirious state and remembering all these missions throughout the game, but still. Also, the final level had a really cool premise, but was ultimately brought down a bit once I found that the civilians outside the police blockade actually don’t do anything to alert the cops when 47 is strangling one of them to death from behind. Why even have them there to begin with then?

I only watched C47, and yes, it is pretty damn rough, but I really appreciate what the game set out to do and the music is probably among my favorites in the series. Jesper Kyd really knows his stuff.

So yeah, those are my thoughts. How about you guys?

Oh yeah, unpopular opinion, but Death on the Mississippi was a great level. Never really got the hate for it. :stuck_out_tongue:


My favourite Hitman is BM. Because of nostalgia and just the overall gameplay. It also has the best soundtrack in the series which adds to the atmosphere. Contracts was my introduction to Hitman and that game has by far the best atmosphere in the series. Hitman 2 SA is a classic but man the A.I in that game has sixth sense. SA was way to hard for me. But the level design was superb in that game


C47: Good maps, crap gameplay. Story is not bad nor good.
SA: Good story, “ok” maps, “ok” gameplay, crap disguise system.
Contracts: C47 Remake+SA Remastered(not because maps, but gameplay) +BM Prologue (It passes after “Curtains Down” mission)
Blood Money: Good gameplay, “ok” story, good maps, shitty characther models
Absolution: Good story, best graphics in entire franchise, fucked up disguise system, good gameplay, first (And I hope last) linear maps.
H2016/18: Almost best gameplay, very good maps (except Hawke’s Bay), shitty story, best loadout system, revolution in franchise.


C47: the best one
SA: didn’t make it but I got both angry and fun while playing this
Contracts: few awesome tracks, good atmosphere at first level, and not bad remaster of TotT… and all. Half (!) of missions are basically remastered C47’s, and not good ones, and other half I didn’t like much. Some tracks are shit, no briefings / loadout choice, gameplay is stupid, feels like enhanced SA, not a new game.
BM - best gameplay and replayability. Enjoyed another assassins.
Absolution - had fun with it.


C47: Never played. Actually want to.

SA: This was my first Hitman game. I didn’t realize how much I sucked at it but I enjoyed it alot. The first level and trying to get upstairs suit only was when I started to struggle to play this as a stealth game. I remember being upset cause I can’t tell vision cones and I had to pause to see the map. I had most fun using the guns.

Contracts: I remember flying through this one but not really liking it much. It felt really limited to me as far as locations and it just seemed like to much straight up stealth. I really didn’t like the maps and only cared for a few of them I played over and over and over.

Blood Money: I enjoyed the maps on here a whole lot and this is where I started to drift away from guns and more into bombs and accidents. I liked pushing alot, and set it and forget it. I still think the last level is one of the best in the series. I really enjoyed it and was a perfect way to end the game. This is the game in which I like most of the maps but not all.

Absolution: LOL I am still waiting to join a class action lawsuit for time lost plus pain and suffering.

Somehow the easiest of the games. I can actually use the fiber wire. I don’t use accidents too much and I like guns and bombs. I still like these games second to blood money but more than contracts . The other games seemed more of a action game but this game seems more like a puzzle and I don’t care for it that much. I still like the set it and forget it aspect of the game, but the most fun is still getting as close as I can and killing up close and near a crowd.

I think my problem is that I have viewed the games as more of a shooter with a few stealth elements. I still think stealth is MGS and Splinter cell. Hitman to me is an action game whose forced stealth segments don’t such that hard.


Codename 47 > all other Games

Why? Because without C47, there would be no Hitman Games.


SA Big step over C47
Contracts best atmosphere
Blood money good locales and varieties but lacks opportunities for assassinations
Absolution The big change the franchise needed but didnt get everything right
H1 Amazing package, nearly perfect
H2 My favorite of the bunch but needs some AI improvements for it to be balanced and new maps cause 5 maps are lackluster


I see what you’re getting at here, but this is like saying that the first Iron Man is better than any other MCU movie because without it there would be no MCU, which might be true from a technical perspective, but then the collective fans of virtually all of phase 3 would be storming your house to tar and feather your ass. It is an illogical argument to a question of quality by referring to the one that started it all, simply by virtue of it having started it all.

Literally every game in the series is better than HC:47 - gameplay, story, graphics, controls, voice acting, everything. The fact that it was the first is simply an example of what to do better.



Thats your opinion, but that doesnt change the Fact that Codename 47 is still my Favorite. And what Hitman Game have you played with a better Story? :grin:


BM: I loved the introduction of accident kills (duh) and I love how BM finally expanded on what its predecessors started. Nothing more needs to be said since everyone will gush about this game and some already have.

Absolution: XLDGSLIUGNGFXDFGUIGDXLIVF~!!! I have no more words I can use to express how much I loathe the game so I mashed the keyboard with caps lock on.

World Of Assassination: Probably the zenith of the series so far. It has the best (By IO standards) story of all the games, it has the best consistency amongst the level designs, it has new gadgets and weapons to use, there is a greater focus of exploration and logic, it has the best designed locations, the most realised and relatable targets


Argument “because without C47 there wouldn’t be next games” actually means that it has the most original concept and defines concepts for next games (bald clone killer is engaging in spy plot blah blah blah).
Anyway, I don’t agree about graphics aspect: color gamma in both H2SA (only some missions) and Contracts (all missions) feels worse than one in C47. Gameplay is subjective, but I prefer C47/BM when you don’t get shot at by the guards for running or continuous standing in front of them. And story aspect - Contracts literally doesn’t have one, just simple plot “47 is wounded in the hotel - flashbacks - 47 gets out of hotel”. Lmao, this game even has minimum canon value as long as most of the missions are flashbacks.


But the concept for a trained clone killer created by a secret project sounds eerily similar to another character from another prolific stealth series?

Right Colonel Campbell?


The Colonel isn’t here right now…


Dammit I need scissors 61!


Ok, perhaps story, voice acting, and maybe gameplay could fall under opinion, but graphics and controls are not, and every game has had better ones.

As for which Hitman game I have played with a better story, I already answered that in my first post: all of them.


the Topic is still whats your “Favorite Game?“. and mine is still Codename 47.


:point_up:t2: Exactly this for me aswell


Good for you. Your original explanation for why is still an illogical one.


i just like it more than the other Games, it was the first Hitman i’ve played and therefor it will always have that Special Place in my Heart.

It has a outstanding Soundtrack, the Graphics (at the Time) where awesome, it was one of the first Games that used Ragdoll Physics, some of its Missions are still some of the best the Franchise ever had (TotT for example), the Briefings and the Moneysystem are great and i love that the inventory menu doesnt interrupt the Gameplay.
The Targets are interesting and actual dangerous People with backstories that are more interesting and intriguing than the whole Plot of Blood Money…


Paint drying on a wall is more scintillating than Blood Money’s story. But I don’t think the Five Fathers are interesting or palpably dangerous.