Favorite Jesper Kyd Moments

I thought i was gonna make this a what you’re favorite Jesper Kyd song is thread, but decided to take it a step further. I want to know one of you’re favorite moments and memories you had when you heard jesper kyds work in a hitman game. Mine would have to be hearing hong kong underground while going in for the kill in the beldingford manor. Delivering poison while an equally sinister track played in the background couldn’t feel more satisfying. Something that HITMAN2016 just doesnt deliver on imo. Anyways here’s the track.

Well… I only really played absolution and 2016 so I’ll do exactly what you asked me not to haha. Enzio’s family. It’s such a beautiful moment when you climb the church with your brother. It’s human, epic and tragic in hindsight. The most exciting intro in any game I’ve ever played and Jesper Kyd’s music is largely responsible for that.

YOU WHAT! No no no. Now you’re going to play all Hitman games from Hitman 2 Silent Assassin, then last Codename 47


I really tried, over the course of many years to pick favorite moment (or track) but it seems so impossible. How can I pick a track when every single made for Silent Assassin, Contracts and Blood Money is perfect?

As far as a moment, I just played a little bit of Blood Money, mission “You better watch out”, and when I killed De Havilland, the Vegas song started. It is sooooo awesome, so calming, and yet, as I said I just killed an old playboy.

Here is the song!

this played when i was having the shootout with mark parcheesy iii. it was just so amazing with the choir singing. it fit perfectly too with the level, as this was supposed to be the final, grand, over-the-top mission and the music portrayed that well

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I’m not old enough haha when those games came out I was still asking my mom to come out on school trips. In all honesty I intend to give them a whirl when they’re backwards compatible on Xbox. I tried Contracts for a few hours and the clunkyness beat me. Of all of them I think the only one I’ll be able to stomach is Blood Money. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve seen walkthroughs for all the levels on Bloodmoney and I’m confident I could enjoy it. That being said I’ve been spoiled by the recent spike in quality of games and going back will be a bit of a struggle.

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Clunkyness is very hard to overcome, SA is still somewhat hard for me yo go back to but i am still happy i played it and does have some personal favorite missions and moments that i still love to this day. How old are you btw?

I’m 21 years of age. Turn 22 in January.
I was 12 when Bloodmoney came out.

I am 21 too, but I played every single Hitman game when I was much younger. I played Contracts first, when I was 10.

Our parents had different styles haha. I was reading Harry Potter and you were killing virtual peeps for money. Not saying one is better than the other haha but one is more common than the other I think.

I think Hitman 2 is the best Hitman game solely becasue it has Jesper Kyd and David Bateson at their best.

But the best part about this game is testing your intelligence into killing and finding things by yourself

You and i are both the same age. Like i said it’s worth giving a shot.

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Personally i think the same but for contracts.

I do have to agree. That’s the best part of Hitman. I can enjoy games that reward good control instincts like Call of Duty and stuff of the like but with videogames I’m really just looking for a playground to be creative in. Hitman has given more of that to me than any other game. Even if the old ones aren’t as fun to me, I’d love to see the evolution of the franchise and to better understand how we got here.

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A runner up for jesper kyds moments is hearing apocalypse after killing the opera singer and then rigging the light to come crashing down on your next target in curtains down. :imp:

Oh Sir, don’t get me wrong. I read Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings at that time too. Playing soccer for local team, but still finding time to kill every single living soul on every map in Hitman games. :smiley:


Apocalypse, one of the best tracks ever. I love the voices both male and then female later!

Sorry for double post.

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No problem. I double post all the time. :sweat_smile:

Easy, his birth of course!

No but really, playing Anathema for the very first time, sucking at game so much… aand pretty much every time when I kill a target and get to get away in Blood Money while Secret Invasion is playing.

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