Favorite mission in C47

Which is your favorite mission in the iconic C47

  • Kowloon Triads in a Gang War
  1. Ambush At The Wang Fou
  2. The Massacre At Cheng Chau Fish Restaurant
  3. The Lee Hong Assassination
  4. Find the U’wa Tribe
  5. The Jungle God
  6. Say Hello To My Little Friend
  7. Traditions Of the Trade
  8. Gunrunner’s Paradise
  9. Plutonium Runs Loose
  10. The Setup
  11. Meet Your Brother

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I don’t see the appeal of meet your brother. It’s just a shootout, and not even a great one.


From a pure mission perspective, MYB doesn’t seem that great. But as a plot filler and as an ending- it #RoX. “The legendary Asylum, the prodigal son is back and he’s packing some cold heat.” Sure you can go on and on about how Hunter and Hunted was better, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right?


It DID have excellent story, and the cutscene was just amazing, but the gameplay wasn’t great compared to The Lee Hong Assassination or Traditions of the Trade.


Sometimes, Life doesn’t go the way you expect it to…


I’d say Meet Your Brother was a good idea cinematic-wise, and for the thought of what it could be. Seeing the loading screen, I could only imagine 47 holding a minigun, while kicking a button to the side, breaking its glass cover, to open huge Hazard-signed doors, only to rip dozens of 48s to shreds with the rapid fire mayhem as they charged at you with pistols and sub machine guns, only to see them retreat after the first 5 die. But alas, all we got was hiding behind a steel door in a brick hallway, with a minigun, as one clone comes out every minute or so as you kill him. Would fit with the whole “Action oriented thriller” theme the game was trying to achieve.

Traditions of the Trade felt like it had a lot of effort put into it, the atmosphere felt refreshing (for a location we all know; a hotel, unlike the darker more outlandish locations), and the music made it even better.

Fuck Plutonium Runs Loose. Worst mission in the game. It’s only good for the nuke scene.


I also love the first mission. Kawloon Triads in Gang war. I mean it is so simple yet it feels great. Its a perfect start to an amazing series. Few things can be done yet they seem like a perfect learning curve setup mission. Run and gun can also be done. 3 different Buildings with different views to shoot from, learning use of lift. Walking there in style, doing action and silently going away unnoticed is just :ok_hand:


This is very difficult, while I love each level, I think that only really the final levels in each location are contestants, as the other levels are too small. That leaves Lee Hong Assassination, Say hello to my little friend, TOTT, plutonium runs loose, and MYB.
MYB doesn’t have that much replayability. It’s really awesome though and has a few ways to do it. (Or you can still just hide in the closet)
SHTMLF has only 2 ways to kill the target. For some reason, they put the entrance in the back. And if you activate the bomb before the pull out animation is done the game will crash
Plutonium runs loose is one of the hardest video game levels of all time. Has a bunch of weapons, and a surprising amount of ways to do it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpZ2gtySkjo
TOTT and Lee Hong Assassination are amazing and both are some of my favorite missions of the series.

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PRL is easy when you know what to do. SHTMLF is the hardest, because you have to sneak into that drug lab which almost always turns into a tough shootout… followed closely by LHA

awesome approach! i’ve never tried doing that

The Lee Hong Assassination

I like Traditions of The Trade but I liked the Contracts version a lot more.

The Lee Hong mission is just a classic, and while the game has dated graphics, it’s still a beautiful level.