Favorite Movie Scenes


Post videos of your favorite scenes from a film you enjoyed.

I am a huge fan of movies-and I just wanted to see what you all liked.

I’ll start off with this scene from ‘Batman: Dark Knight Rises’

I really like this scene because I really like the character of Bane in this movie. This whole revolution of the poor and oppressed uprising was fascinating and I like to think what something like that would look like in the United States. The acting is great-he is doing a lot with just his body language and eyes.

“We give it back to you…the people” (shakes head slightly)
That line always every time crack me the fuck up. Bravo!

EDIT: You don’t have to pick just one scene from one movie. Come back and keep sharing good scenes you like.


I have seen way too many movies to narrow it down but I will think on it and come back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


No pressure man. It don’t have to be just one. Come back and post as many times as you got good scenes to share.


Same as Reaper, I’ve seen so many movies it’s just borderline impossible to choose just one.


So fucking many. I’ll start with these two.

Oldboy - Hallway Fight

No words. Single take, fixed perspective, extremely brutal fight between the protagonist Oh Dae Su and a gang of jailers. One Versus Many.

In the Loop - Jamie

No matter how many times I see this scene, even out of context, I still laugh my ass off. The idea of Malcolm Tucker (The Angry Scottish Communications Director for the Government) having an even angrier, even more overtly Scottish subordinate who he lets off the leash to devour the most problematic of ministers is just fucking hilarious. Malcolm has some decorum and some situational awareness, he can handle the media, deflect a question and make a quip. Jamie is just a fucking lunatic who physically intimidates people in the Government. He can never be allowed to meet the public.Ever.


For now I will go with Luke fighting Vader on the Death Star in RotJ. John Williams’ score, the emotions that have built up during these three movies, the indoor design of emperor’s chamber, everything, it made this entire sequence so memorable…

Also this :


You reminded me of this movie with your old boy post.

I Saw The Devil

Here are two scenes, they might not be the best but I couldn’t be bothered to search through them all.

I highly recommend this movie it’s an action/horror/revenge movie and it’s awesome. I have seen it at least three times, I love violence and gore :grinning:.


I always post this scene whenever I think it’s even remotely appropriate. It’s still funny after almost 10 years since I saw it for the first time.

PS There’s a typo in the topic title


I fixed the typo for him :slightly_smiling_face:.


I Saw The Devi is great. One of the most depraved films in recent years. I’m a big fan of Kim Jee-woon’s other work, especially A Bittersweet Life and Tale of Two Sisters. Guessing you were reminded of it because you saw Choi-min-sik? What a great actor.

I’ll put one from A Bittersweet Life in there too. My favourite tailing scene in a movie - Really balances the protagonist’s steely exterior with the obvious loneliness present with his lifestyle as a hotel manager moonlighting as a mob enforcer. Great characterisation.


I am genuinely surprised you like these movies especially I saw the devil with it’s violence towards women. Yes it was the actor that reminded me both lead actors in I saw the devil are amazing. I’m sure I have seen a bittersweet life aswell but I don’t remember it much. I think I watched at least three movies with the guy who plays the cop in them.


It’s really a hard question, there are so many to choose from and i can’t just choose one scene. But a few of them that springs to mind is the scene in Tanken where Bryan Mills confronts the Albanian.

Every time i watch it, it gives me such a rush. I always found it to be pretty powerful, the way the hole situation turns and instantly Bryan becomes a force of nature.

One of the best scenes in movie history and i wish i could have experienced it when people had no idea that Vader was Lukes father. What else can one say? i think this scene speaks for itself.

More Star Wars

So i like the fight itself, but what i really love is the moment where Kylo tries to retrieve Luke’s Lightsaber, but it flys past him and into the hands of Rey, that is where the music hits. There is something very joyful about that scene, i almost stop breathing each time i see it out of excitement.

Joker blows up Hospital

What i really love about this scene, is the fact that Jokers reaction when the Hospital doesn’t blow up the first time, is improve. It was a one shot deal scene. They could only blow it up once, so when he stops and beings to play with the remote, it’s Ledger who is improvising and it adds so much more to the scene.

More will probably come to mind later.


Taken is an awesome film the sequels couldn’t compare because the original was so good. I have watched it to death now though and will be a while before I can watch it again and enjoy it. The scene you posted is great and the one where he’s on the phone to him saying he will find him.


As with anything, It’s all about context. I can enjoy films that contain that provided it’s handled in a way that serves the narrative and doesn’t make light of the subject matter or trivialize it somehow. I Saw The Devil was a very trope heavy film, but it is unrelentingly brutal and (without wanting to spoil it for others) has an ending which is just horrible. It depicts revenge and extreme violence as an empty, soulless thing that chips away at our humanity.

Great film, need to see it again sometime.


Yeah I get what you mean the way you described it is perfect :ok_hand:. I watched it for the third time not too long ago so I will have to wait a while. I will probably watch a bittersweet life again though as I don’t remember it much.


I think This scene speaks for itself.


My god man I love this film. This, Big Lebowski and Deadpool are my personal comedy trinity. These are movies that made my genuinely laugh out loud when I was all by myself, and that is not an easy feat. Line delivery in Snatch is simply a work of god. Everyone in this movie killed it.


One of the best endings in the film history.


Thanks for reminding me, I laughed with tears at the cinema when I saw this scene, pure gold!


Taken would be decent if they had cast a believable lead.

Neeson is as intimidating as a poodle.