Favorite Movie Scenes


You’re a noodle!

20 noodle limit


Haha I love deadpool and that is a hilarious scene, I have seen it twice so far the third time will be due soon :grinning:. @Gundamn I agree with mads you are a noodle :yum:. It’s good he’s not they never see him coming, I’m sure they get intimidated pretty quick after he starts fucking them up.


One of the best actors of the 20th Century as well as one of the most memorable quotes.
I love this film. :heart_eyes:


That sure is a classic scene :grinning:.


Yes I know I have the sense of humor of a five year old. :grin:


I can’t watch it because I’m in the UK but I have seen it anyway, good movie.


The very ending to SAW VI was so good I actually just sat in the theatre until the people came in and said I had to leave so they could clean.


"Dyin’ ain’t much of a livin’, boy."
The Outlaw Josey Wales


Here’s a 2016 horror movie with a really spooky and memorable scene:

One of the things that stands out about this scene is the amazing use of focus during the “interview” . The girl in the chair transitions out of focus relatively early on, but there’s a progressive change that happens so slowly that you don’t notice it at first. Eventually you have a “wow, shit” moment when you realize she’s no longer in the chair and Patrick Wilson is talking to an old man. Yeah, I like scenes that build tension using long takes.

If you’re gonna watch it, open it fullscreen.


The Way of the Gun is one of the best movies I bet many of you have never seen.
Benecio Del Toro, Ryan Phillippe, Juliette Lewis, James Caan and tons of others you’ll recognize.
This is one of the most fun and tense crime movies ever made.
I’m pretty sure 99% of HMF would love
The Way of the Gun :slight_smile:


Decent movie, that. Great opening. Gun enthusiasts seem to rate it highly cuz Del Toro and Ryan Phillippe actually show trigger discipline during the gun battles.


May it also be a tv-show?


Odd how nobody mentioned the last scene of Dirty Harry where he throws away his badge…

Or in Kill Bill Vol 2 where, well see for yourself…


couldn’t find this scene in original, but Spanish is also cool :smiley: :

Another classic:

The last one is from Rage: Carrie 2. I’m a bit confused after watching it now (it’s a shit). Most certainly the cheap remake of Brian de Palma’s masterpiece, but i watched this remake as the first one, as a teenager, so damage has been done:


I like Sergio Leone. i love the way these scenes have no words but are able to convey so much through visuals alone.


True Romance is one of my favorite movies, it’s got so many great scenes it’s hard to pick. The Sicilian scene with Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken. The scene with Gandolfini where he tracks her down in the hotel room. The Brad Pitt scenes.

But I’ve got to go with the Drexl Spivey scene starring Gary Oldman.

“It ain’t white boy day, is it?”
“Nah, man, it ain’t whiute boy day.”


I’m not a fan of dubbings, but damn, Russian (or Ukrainian?) is hot too:


I need this mission in season 2 :stuck_out_tongue: Not do replicate it, but I’m curious how 47 would tackle this situation.


I know how guard NPCs would tackle it :smiley:


Wish there was a proper Hitman Contracts movie so that I could post the Hunter and Hunted speech…

Hardly my favorite scene but it is an honorable mention!
Also, had Hitman Absolution had ended on the Terminus Hotel (and had a good story, crazy parallel universe, I know).