Favorite Movie Scenes


I think tv deserves its own thread honestly.


Leon the professional is an awesome movie, good choice :ok_hand:.


From one of the best sci-fi movies ever


Pan’s Labyrinth is a Masterpiece. When the reality and fantasy of human mind are so keenly intertwined that it really doesn’t matter. Your mind makes everything real for you.
Where you go or where you want to be. A prison can be a heaven and a Heaven can be a Prison.

A lesson from this scene.
Recognizing the immorality of harming an innocent is the separation of human and monster.


One of my favourite scenes is the end fight scene in kickboxer where his brother gets returned and he kicks the bad guys ass.

Skip to 01.10 to see the exact part I mean or watch it all :grinning:.

More recently The Raid one and two have some of the best if not the best fight scenes I have ever seen. Here are some of them from the raid two the last one in the kitchen is brutal.

If you like action movies and you haven’t seen them go watch them they are awesome.


“Do you require backup?”


The Final Duel from “Once Upon a Time in the West” is western perfection. So good. Love the shot when Charles Bronson steps into frame in this scene (the visual composition of this movie in general is just amazing).

Some of mine (spoilers in all):
“The Final Swim” from Gattaca. One of my favorite films, and this scene really drives the point home.

“Lexington Hotel Room 1432” from Road to Perdition. Super well put together. Super cathartic.

“Confession” from American Psycho. Christian Bale’s performance is out of this world here.

The “Tears in Rain” monolog from Blade Runner. An obvious classic.


I need to rewatch this as I watched it in 3D which ruined it because I hate 3D.


I saw in the cinema in 3D as well but it was actually pretty undistracting. Worth another watch that it’s just as good normally.


I was also near the front which I’m sure didn’t help :sweat_smile:.


There’s too much to comment (a lot of great scenes in this thread, everyone) and also too much that I’d want to post. I feel like I should post the entire Gran Torino movie, every single scene is so enjoyable.

Looks like I’m not the only one with this movie! These are the first two scenes, so they don’t even spoil anything.


Someone mentioned Snatch earlier in the thread. I think Snatch’s opening is my favorite opening of all time.

I have a ton of favorite movie scenes and they change often. The first one that comes to mind is a scene from The Godfather. Its the restaurant scene where Michael Corleone kills Sollozzo and McCluskey, and where Michael really takes on a role in the family. Its an important moment for the character and a very intense scene.

The other one that comes to mind is the scene from Goodfellas where they visit Tommy’s mom with a dead man in the trunk. It comes after a long sequence of high intensity and loud scenes, and suddenly the three mobsters are eating dinner and small talking with Tommy’s mom. Its a pretty silent scene compared to the rest of the movie, which makes for a nice contrast. The fact that Tommy’s mom is played by Scorsese’s mom and that the scene is improvised only makes it better and funnier.


Once upon a time in the west is solid throughout but my favorite scene is this one no doubt:

“An ancient race”… Sends shivers down my spine every single time.


So,… you guys like westerns, do ya? :slight_smile:
From The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
This scene is timeless. The message is especially valid today.
"When legend becomes fact, print the legend."


BAD BOYS. Awesome, awesome movie with an amazing musical score that pumps your heart as though you’re IN the movie. Two best of many great scenes…




Mark Mancina never gets enough credit for his awesome 90s action scores. He’s always overshadowed by Zimmer.


You’re tall, but, but I can still hear you!!

Hey Who’s got a watermelon!


"… I have The Harbinger on line two."
Cabin in the Woods


If you’re asking about The Way of the Gun, I don’t think so. :slight_smile:


Heheheh I forced one of my friends to watch it, said the exact same thing. I got the shivers too.