Favorite Movie Scenes


It was really sad when that kid died, that was one long ass movie.




I saw “Get out” when it came out. Yes, I loved it.

Never felt so personally impacted by a movie before. Don’t recall the last time I grimaced and groaned in discomfort and it not be because of violence porn.

It was hard for me to find all the scenes I liked in the movie. But this video has a couple that I really liked.

The first scene with the cop was good when you first see it and after the end of the movie once it’s importance is fully realized. This was the first scene that made me contort my face in familiar awkwardness. I think this is one of the few movies and for sure the first horror movie in which most of the lines the lead character says I could see myself saying in that same exact situation. Pretty sure I muttered “yeah” around the same time the actor did, and I know for sure I would have continued to offer my ID to the cop over the objections of my girlfriend

At 1:29 in the clip That’s just all me, I am the fat funny friend on the couch and that would be my attitude.

At 3:28 I can say with confidence I have never felt so awkward in a movie
"Chris was just telling me how he felt much more comfortable with my being here." Pretty sure I shrunk in my chair and turned my face from the screen.

This is a rare movie that I could fully relate to and brought out real emotions of me outside of the simple excitement and fear. My favorite scene of the movie is one I couldn’t find - the ending. I won’t spoil. But at the end I stood up and clapped.

Edit: Oh these scenes tickle me so much because of how they impacted me while knowing that many people would sit there slack jawed unimpressed-because the references and context are foreign to them. I fully expect the majority to brush this aside as hyperbole-but its real life. That’s why it got me so raw




I could post a hundred, but just a couple off the top…


The assassination of Don Fanucci.


I didn’t care for the movie over all. But this was my favorite scene from Star Wars: The last Jedi

Of course since the movie is still out Youtube has taken down vidoes with any new star wars stuff in but I did find one video that had the scene although it has silly dub in the background.

I like the scene because it was a satisfying and redeeming end to a character who had questionable motives at times. I have always wanted to know what happens if ships land or fly through each other at light speed. I think the choice to have part of the scene play out in silence was a fantastic choice.

Like I said the audio for this clip is not the real audio, sorry for that.


Well this was a fun read: so much great cinema in this thread.

I love that Gattaca got a shout. Gem of a film, and one that seems to get overlooked a lot for some reason.

So difficult to choose something to add, but I’ll go with a scene from the original Texas Chainsaw:

This is the transition into the second act and Leatherface’s first appearance (excuse the poor quality). The film got stigmatised and was hard to get hold of for a while in the UK when it was tagged with a bunch of other low budget titles as a ‘video nasty’ back in the 1980s. As such it’s been overhyped to an extent, or passed over by many as a trashy horror, when it’s a sublime piece of art and a scathing commentary on Nixon and the state of the American nation in the mid-70s. Then on another level it’s a retelling of Scooby Doo with a twist. :smile:

Though old, for me it’s still a great example of how powerful film can be when it’s not just used as a corporate money generator, or as a simplistic form of throwaway entertainnment.


I never laughed so hard when I saw this back in the day.

Movie: Nothing To Lose


Yeah, that was a good scene. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about Laura Dern’s character, but I thought the whole arc involving her and Poe Dameron was an interesting way to subvert the whole “Rogue Maverick Defies Orders, Saves The Day, Is Thanked For Being Right All Along” trope. That’s just really overdone and boring, and quite predictable. It would have been very “Star Wars” though and seemed like a more obvious approach - Which is kinda why I am glad they didn’t do it.

My favourite scene in The Last Jedi was probably The showdown between Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker. I dunno how people can think Luke’s character was ruined by the film or that he was too cowardly. He rocks up like a boss, switches godmode on and utterly wrecked Kylo Ren’s shit before ghosting out of there like a motherfucker.

“Amazing. Every word of what you just said was wrong.”

get rekt kid

Anyway, I wanted to share this one because @Ed_ll3 linked a classic scene from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (That door slamming part is really iconic - The whole tone of the movie changes from the moment the door is slammed) and reminded me how effective horror films can be at building tension and dread in a very minimalist way. So check this one out:

The Conjuring - Something behind the door

For me, this was one of the most chilling scenes in any horror movie - Which is quite amazing, considering almost nothing happens. They manage to do so much with so little. The empty space behind a door has never felt scarier. The tension is built through the performances and the direction - Amazing acting from these two young girls.

This scene actually stayed with me after the cinema. At the time it was pretty creepy. Later that night when I was trying to sleep? I had to turn my phone light on and keep it aimed at the door to fall asleep. Hahaha. I love horror films, they fuck with you in the best ways.


Perfect,Just Perfect


@Tore_Staffan – Lovely!

@Quinn – There were a fair few little detours from the ‘obvious’ path in Last Jedi, including that storyline. In fact that bravery to deviate and not necessarily pander is one of the things I enjoyed about it.

Like most pointless online drama, I’ve kind of watched the reaction from afar the last few weeks. I don’t know, just seems like a lose/lose for Rian Johnson: play it conservatively and it’s ‘you’ve remade Empire’ – take some risks and, inevitably, ‘ZOMG, you’ve killed Star Wars!1!1!!’. Yes, it’s flawed and in dire need of a good edit. Did I love every single minute of the 250 they gave us though? Of course, and so did everyone else in the Odeon on the night we went.

Not sure if you’ve seen it, but there’s a long and level-headed review from Kevin Smith here that may be of interest:

We’re of a similar age, and probably both have too much sentimental attachment to the originals to be too critical of the franchise, but he very eloquently echoes how I felt about TLJ overall. (… including getting a bit teary at the R2D2 scene and the final fight – which I might add, is not ideal when the rest of the clan notice you’re welling up at a Disney flick made for 10 year-olds).

The Conjuring seems really familiar. I checked the trailer instead of the clip supplied just in case, and I don’t think I’ve seen it. If I get the chance, or can get control of the TV at any point, I’ll give it a watch over the next couple of days.


From The Machinist:

From Godfather Part II:

Sadly, Sonny had to ruin the end of this scene :unamused:

And of course this one from American Psycho:


This is from The Neighbor, a 2016 horror film that I find to be sort of underrated. This scene is from around the end of the film, I’ll put context in spoilers.

The three captives had tried to escape the house, but were captured. The men holding them were abducting people for ransom money, the blonde lady being the latest catch and the other two (husband and wife) unexpectedly finding themselves involved.



Aw man, i’d argue the trailer spoils far more than that clip. The clip gives you a feel for the tone of the movie without showing all the story beats and jumpscares. Would thoroughly recommend it though, it’s one of my favourite horror movies now - Up there with the greats.

The sequel is lukewarm, though.


One of my all time faves…


Love & Hate…


“Is that a raincoat?”… “Yes it is!!”

LMAO so good


Getinthebackofthevan! :laughing:

Tried to nab the bull scene but couldn’t find any quality clips, so went with another fave instead.

And though a bit dated now, still iconic and mesmerising.