Favorite Movie Scenes


My Favorite Kubrick movie





This isn’t my favourite scene of all time (I’d have to think about that), but I loved it the first time I saw it.

It’s also Hitman canon. Witness the ruthless badassery of Mark Faba, years before Agent 47 failed to kill him.

Yes, I said failed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s cool, because, in the context of the film, you at least think the protagonists are safe from the killer while they’re being chased by cops. But, nope, Faba is just offended the cops are screwing with his prey.


Transformers (2007) The first time Optimus Prime transforms


This is from the movie ‘Bandersnatch’ on Netflix.

I enjoyed the movie alot more than I thought I would. I am a fan of the choose your own adventure books. Started reading as a boy and I remember finishing all the ones at my local library.

Anyway this is my favorite scene in the movie because it is so relatable. As soon as they went outside I knew for certain someone was gonna have to jump-but as soon as you take the drug I knew something bad was gonna happen.

Colin struck me as real drug user-I dunno what slang you all my use for a heavy experimental drug user but Colin struck me as that. And when he started talking about the government conspiracies I was like

“Yeah this is the kinda guy that convinces you to jump out a window”

I like it so much cause I haven sorta been in situations like that. I never say anyone jump but I have seen people do crazy stuff that causes harm to themselves or others and I am familer with that awkwardness of trying to figure out if you are too high or the person you are talking to is too high. You are so far gone in head space it is hard to think concretely.

Of course I had Colin jump, I reacted much the same way Stefan did, and yeah I think I would have left the apartment, ran, and not said a word to the dudes wife.

Good scene tense and emotional.