Favorite Music

Which game do you think has the best music?
Also specify, which part of the game, like the main menu, maybe some mission, etc…

  • Hitman: Codename 47
  1. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
  2. Hitman: Contracts
  3. Hitman : Blood Money
  4. Hitman: Absolution

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Personally, I think the main menu music of Contracts was badass. The gameplay music of H2 was also kick-ass…

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I loved ‘Vegas’ from Blood Money. You really feel this casino-atmosphere in that number.

‘Amb Zone’ is also a good track. It represents a dark atmosphere, and the melody has a ‘unhealthy’ feeling in some way. It’s cool to have that track with e.g. party noises in the background; Everything seems happy, but you know you aren’t there to party with the other people…

Definitely Contracts, I love “Hong Kong Undergroung”, “Slaughterclub” and many others in that game.

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I vote Contracts with the dark tunes but SA has great soundtrack that gives that traveling around the world feeling with epic endevours.

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Hitman 2, those tracks brought the environment to life.

Suggestion: Change thread name to favorite instead of best.
Music is a very subjective topic.

Can you sub options on polls?
That’d be useful. To find not only the favorite game but also favorite song.

Blood Money - Vegas for me.
Absolutely perfectly captured the ambience.

Contracts main theme will always resonate with me. I felt Blood Money had the most unique soundtrack though - It had entirely its own mood.

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I voted for Blood Money - Night time in New Orleans. That track always gives me a special feeling. Like when you’re alone in a room but you feel someone’s watching you.

Codename 47 Jungle Explore is my favorite.

Never really listened to the C47 music, but I was mostly focused on staying alive in the jungles.
Really, if you survive, you have an SA in C47, cause a straight up shootout never worked for me except in Meet Your Brother…

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This was a hard choice to make. I like Silent Assassin’s title theme on the main menu screen and I like the music during Anathema, but I also love the music from Blood Money, my favorite song being “Apocalypse” which plays for the first time during Curtains Down.

The music of the first four games was just far superior to the latest two games in general. I really like all of those old soundtracks. That said, if I really had to get into detail about which of those four is best, I’d actually have to go with Codename 47. I like the big symphonic score of Silent Assassin, but it’s also a bit Hollywood. This comes from someone who has SA as his favorite game in the series. I just think the electronic scores of Contracts and C47 had a little more edge, a little more darkness and loneliness. It made for a more interesting experience.

Some favorites:

Oh god, listening to this - ‘HITMAN’ needs Jesper Kyd back.


It’s hard to decide between SA and Contracts. Contracts dark themed music was great, but SA had some good scores also. I guess tracks like “Japanese Mansion”, “47 Makes a Decision”, and “H2 Exploration” would put SA on top for me.


SA and Contract’s Main menu theme have never been equalled

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Contract’s music are the closest to the 47’s psychologist mind. It’s dark, it’s silent, it’s hitman.

Bloodmoney the second one.

One of my fav is Hitman Contracs Winter Night, you probably know very well the original song,
but here the remix, kudos to the whoever created this, not bad!.

Winter Night original:


I can agree with this. Hitman: Contracts’s menu music was way better. Can’t top “White Room.”

hehe, the Jungle Missions seperate the Men from the Boys :laughing:


C47. Part of that is nostalgia but I love the atmosphere that soundtrack brings. To me it defines Hitman with its dreary, electronic seediness.


Imagine if this was remade in the new game. Just… imagine.

That would be nice. But just imagine if SAs theme music was reintroduced, or maybe Contracts"
Electronic number…:kissing_heart: