Favorite unusual npc/disguise?

Ok with the 2016 legacy and 2018 game plus expansions what are everyone’s fav. One off disguise…for example the sapienza clown, or hippie or dr. Lafayette. Or in hokkaido , the yoga instructor etc.Disguises that aren’t elite guard or random security guy. I was trying to think of one for colorado and all i came up with was scarecrow.just wondering what other peoples opinions were? My all time favorites are probably pale rider in miami or motorcyle outfit from hokkaido.

Honestly? Paris blew me away the first time I played it. Helmut (both character and outfit), Sato and the Vampire outfit were a big part in that awesome first impression. Looking at things now? I love starting suits like the summer suit and the cowboy suit.

Also, I didnt find the pale rider until last night… Ive played over 600 hours of Hitman. Thats how dumb good this game is when you give it the curiosity it deserves.

Helmut and Sebastian are good ones for Paris ,as well as the exalted Sheik who attends the iago auction. Also in Bangkok i like the drummer Abel .

You can’t actually disguise yourself as Sato.

My favorite is the butler in Sapienza. Very stylish look.

Ahh that’s a good one. I forgot about Silvio’s butler.great job!!

I would have to say the food vendor in Miami, just something about 47 in those pink hot pants and a tail hat. Funny and all wrong at the same time

Maybe you mean Florida Man?

Seems he became ill…


Yesss. that’s the one :joy:

The Kashmirian no doubt. Some unique NPC’s serve one purpose of a mission story or some routine that’s mildly important. Not the Kashmirian. Some unique NPC’s wear a mailman outfit or some lame cameraman outfit.

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Kashmiran is hard to beat in season 2.

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Plague doctor. Always the plague doctor.

Should ahve been unlockable in patient zero for hokiddo.


Agreed, that is a good one :+1:t2:

The yellow biker outfit from Hokkaido. The one referencing Kill Bill Vol. 1.

The Bride disguise in Hokkaido. I also like the ninja disguise from Hokkaido as well. The plague doctor is a great disguise. The Scarecrow from Colorado.

The “random” ones from S1.
Paris - Vampire Magician
Sapienza - Plague Doctor
Colorado - Scarecrow
They made almost no sense in the level and didn’t help but we’re fun as heck to play as.

But really, we peaked with Helmut.
Helmet suit before end of S2!

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Im well aware. I thought he meant both favorite npcs and npc outfits. I probably misread tye post.

The bike rider in Sapienza, because it just looks ridiculous on 47 :smile:

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Priest outfit in Sapienza and Helmut.

I reaaaaaly wish that the Plague Doctor would have a hat. The hat version is so much cooler, hoods are lame.

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All superb choices​:heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: