Favourite final mission

The final mission aka the big showdown between 47 and the main villain of the game (or multiple games in case of the World of Assassination trilogy) is often a very memorable moment. Which is your favorite one?

  • Meet Your Brother (Codename 47)
  • Redemption at Gontranno (Silent Assassin)
  • Hunter and Hunted (Contracts)
  • Requiem (Blood Money)
  • Absolution (Absolution)
  • Untouchable (WoA)

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Tough one. For me its almost a tie between Meet your Brother and Redemption at Gontranno, the later is the more fun to play mission, but the final Cutscene in Codename 47 takes it to another level imo.

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It was either going to be ‘Hunter and Hunted’ or ‘Redemption at Gontranno’. I ended up choosing ‘Hunter and Hunted’ due to it’s obvious homage to ‘Léon’ and 47’s monologue isn’t half bad itself. Unlike most Hitman levels it throws you directly into the deep end and not a lot of time to act on before you swarmed by GIGN squads. It’s in stark contracts to how most Hitman level plays out, where you time to stake out your surroundings before committing to a plan. It gives a certain rush to be forced to think on your feet and plays well into the worlds best Contract Killer Fantasy if you manage to pull it off.


I go for Hunter and Hunted from Contracts simply because while it’s the setup for 47 to get out guns and blazing, it can be done SA/SO and with an epic escape in an ambulance where 47 once again shows his abilities as capable driver.


Definitely Absolution. The whole start as a sniper, on a graveyard, what better setting might there be for 47? Putting the people where they end up anyway, also it was set in england, and he was there because of Diana. The ICAs design back then with the yellow/black, the sunset in the whole level, on the shoreline. I just think it is the best setting for any last mission.

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I also found myself heavily debating between two. For me it was Gontranno or Hunter Hunted. Ended up with Hunter and Hunted bc it plays the most a real Hitman level but Gontranno was a close second and Requim is right up there too for me, just bc of how fun the firefight can be.


I was expecting most people to vote for Hunter and Hunted, due to it being the one final mission that feels like regular Hitman mission. Surprised to see the votes so evenly divided.

As for my choice: I picked Requiem. It’s a was a very memorable moment when the supposedly death 47 raised and all hell broke loose. The following gunfight was pretty challenging because of 47 being vastly outnumber, yet it felt incredibly satisfying to finally kill the last bodyguard and then go after Cayne. And unlike Meet Your Brother and Redemption at Gontranno dying wasn’t as frustrating.

Voted for Gontranno, but it would’ve been Hokkaido if it was an option.

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I can see Hokkaido as an option. WOA really was released as 3 games. Then the question becomes is Sgail the end of number 2 or is it Maldives?

Patient Zero I can say “no” as the end of 1 since it’s a a standalone expansion. I find it interesting when we try to figure out the continuity of PZ, especially the Colorado level… I’m not saying it isn’t cannon. I’m just saying I dont worry about it; it was a super fun expansion, and I’m just glad we got it. I feel the same with alot of the ETs.