Favourite game

What is your favourite game?
Is it a hitman game?
Is it a different game?
If it’s a hitman game, tell us which one.
If it’s not, still tell us.
I’m not telling you to start a fight, but do it.
I’m not implying anthing, but do it. :smile:

I have choosen to move your topic into the ‘Videogame’ section of the forum, instead of ‘Hitman General Discussion’. Since it seems to have more to do with Video Games in general, then Hitman.

But to start of your topic,

1: The Hitman series (They have their own ranks)
2: World Of warcaft
3: Max Payne 2
4: Half Life 2 + episodes
5: GTA: Vice City
6: GTA V
7: Star Wars - Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
8: Age of Empiers II
9: Metro: Last Light
10: Alan Wake

honorable mentions - Uncharted 2 & 3, Last Of Us, Kane & Lynch 2, Star Wars: Force Unleashed, F.E.A.R and Star Wars the Old Republic.

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I can’t rank my favourites, but my all-time favourite may surprise you. So here are mine:

  1. Transport Tycoon (or OpenTTD)

others in no particular order:

Splinter Cell series
Deus Ex Human Revolution
Hitman series
The Saboteur
Mafia series

honourable mentions: GTA, Need For Speed (especially Underground 2, Most Wanted and Carbon), Mark Of The Ninja, Silent Hunter 3.

If you played this, you must play the original. It’s just excellent aside from the bad graphics and the weak gunplay at the start.

1.Hitman Series
2.Mafia Series
3.Max Payne Series

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Thief: The Dark Project and Thief 2: The Metal Age are my all-time favorite games, for numerous reasons. The atmosphere, the art design, the mythology, the plot’s rich symbolism, the wonderful, open-ended level design… there’s more than enough that has already been said about those games, so I’ll leave it at that.

Other honorable mentions include:

Gothic I and II - not really known outside of Poland and Germany, these middle-market RPGs, I’d argue are nonetheless some of the finest examples of what the genre can achieve with a bit of creativity and a healthy rejection of many worn-out fantasy cliches. The prison colony, which constitutes the first game’s world is arguably the single most compelling videogame world ever created - and the people occupying it are real people with all their elaborate personalities, character traits and problems. Both games contains a great dose of insightful social commentary - on war, authority, class society, prejudice, crime, anything you can think of - and do so without resorting to hilariously exposatory 10 minute speeches (I’m looking at you, Kojima).

Shadow of the Colossus - A masterpiece. I can’t even think of what to say that would do this game justice. It excels in everything it attempts to convey - the loneliness and despair, but also the deep fascination one feels while wandering this huge, mysterious world, with only your horse by your side; the sheer scope of the opponents you’ll face throughout your journey - hell, the insanely creative premise of the game alone makes it worthwhile. Easily one of the greatest games ever made.

Devil May Cry 3 - now that you’ve seen me praise games for their artistic merit, here’s where this tendency breaks down, because the main reason I love the shit out of this game is the eye-splittingly over the top, brutal, theatric action it allows you to directly participate in - in the most literal sense of the word. There’s no QTE, there’s no scripted environmental kills etc. - just you, killing the shit out of demons in new and creative ways. Just watching a double S run of any of the levels and you’ll instantly know what I mean.

Rayman 2 and 3 - There’s something magical to the second game’s art style. Even though the dialogue and the plot are fairly infantile, the hazy, dreamlike aura of it all is far from a children’s cartoon. This sentiment is certainly to an extent reinforced by the nostalgic feelings I have towards this game. Rayman 3 moved of course towards a more “for the lols” direction, with some oddly psychedelic overtones, and while doing exceptionally well on it’s own merit, lost a bit of that magic.However, they’re still both my favorite 3D platformers of all time.

Hitman 2 - no explanation needed (other than why do I prefer 2 over the rest, but I really don’t want to delve into that right now)

My Favorite videogames ever? The list is in random order except for 1,2 & 3.

  1. THIEF Series (Thief 2 rox!)
  2. SC Series (Double Agent especially)
  3. HITMAN Series (Contracts and SA forever!)
  4. MGS Series (The third one is the best)
  5. Manhunt 1 & 2 (Member at the Project Manhunt)
  6. GTA Series (GTA 2…Ah the memories)
  7. Deus Ex Series (Except for HR)
  8. FALLOUT 1 & 2
  9. POSTAL 2
  10. S.T.A.L.K.E.R Series

What was wrong with HR?

What’s wrong with it? Don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate the game it’s a very good stealth game on its own ,but not as a Deus Ex game. Here’s 5 things i don’t like about it.

  1. Cinematic Takedowns.
  2. 3rd Person view during certain actions.
  3. The Boss fights are just horrible! (Fixed in DC though.)
  4. No melee at all.
  5. The Cover system!
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I can’t decide on one favourite, so here is my top… 5?..


You just described most of the flaws in Human Revolution’s design. It was a well built game, and did take the Deus Ex formula, but it definitely wasn’t an improvement over the original.

I’m not going to rank my favourites at all, because sometimes I feel like one is better than the other and other times it’s vice versa. But here it goes:

Especially SA, Contracts and BM. Those are the titles I have played the most, probably because being a filthy casual console gamer. I just can’t find the comfort in playing with PC even though many games (especially FPS) are better on it. Still I have played many games and countless hours with my PC. But that’s probably why C47 didn’t get the mention here; because I was enjoying my ass on the sofa and strangling people. Good times, good times.

The very first. The 3D-versions were okay, but did not have the same awesome feeling the first title has. The soundtrack is gold. The levels are imaginative and colourful. The game is challenging, but still not impossible without a tutorial. Probably my favourite platformer of all time.

Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time
I don’t know if this one’s a nostalgiapick. It probably is. Still, I have played it through like 15-20 times; more than any other game. It’s rather easy and gets a bit repetetive at times, but damn it’s Bugs Bunny and I was 6 years old and it was awesome. And still is.

Sir Daniel-fucking-Fortesque. The most badass one-eyed zombieslayer ever to be resurrected. Enjoyable platforming, enjoyable puzzles and enjoyable fighting mechanics. Everything a gamer needs. I played this one also when I was a kid, but the third level was already too hard for me back then. Nowadays I have completed it and it was one of the finest gaming experiences in a while. Fingers crossed for a third installment!

I’m not going to specify a yearly release because they’re basically the same and it evolves every year a bit. I know it’s made by EA and has some serious flaws, but as a hockey fan I can’t say I’ve enjoyed any other game with a couple of friends as much as NHL.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2
THE skating game of all time. No further analysis required. Played the shit out of it as kid and nowadays I just stare at it with a wistful gaze in my shelf next to my other PS1 games. Oh who am I kidding, I played it last week. It’s awesome.

Canis Canem Edit / Bully
First I was going to type GTA but meh. I enjoyed Bully so much more for some reason. I guess it was so much closer to my world when it came out, being in school and all. I do also love GTA’s; Vice City the most for its 80’s feeling. Didn’t really dig San Andreas’ bustacapinyoassnigga -theme, even if it was the biggest and most diverse installment in the series. For me III started it all and the first two were just average. IV and V are pretty good I guess.

I probably forgot some games from the list. Honourable mentions to Portal, SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain and Age of Empires II.

It’s funny how the most of my favourite games are from my childhood (PS1) era with the exception of Hitman and GTA. I think I can agree with the idea of today’s games being so generic and boring from the other topic. Thank god there’s the indie community, at least there’s something different and fun.

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My favorite video games series are:


And I think that’s all. I also did play other games. My last game was Tomb Raider for ps4 and I got the platinum out of it

My favourite games are the Hitman games (of course), and almost every game by Rockstar Games (with Red Dead Redemption being my absolute favourite).

Hitman 2 - BM, Batman Arkham series, GTA series, anything R* games, Splinter Cell etc

Edit: +1’d by Birdie

DA is very underrated imo. Too many bugs though :frowning:

This is literally my three favourite franchises. You sir, have great taste in videogames.

1.Hitman series
2.Max Payne series(except Max Payne 3)
3.GTA series
4.Mafia 1
5.Heavy rain

Double Agent version 2.0 is even more underrated. Try getting a copy of it from somewhere.

I have several favourite games, I usually don’t rank them from best to worst, they are all equally my beloved games and I will play every one of them according to my mood.

1 - Hitman games (duh!) - Haven’t played absolution yet, for now my favourite is BM

2 - Metal gear solid - My favourite was MGS2 considering the time it came out, but I also love MGS4. Both made me cry, I admit.

3 - Splinter cell - I still haven’t played blacklist. My favourite was Chaos theory and Double agent (6th generation version - PS2)

4 - Assassins creed - My favourite is the first one and revelations - Hate me if you want, but I liked Altair

5 - Tomb Raider - The best was probably TRII or TRIII

6 - GTA - San Andreas is my favourite. I don’t own GTA V mostly because I’m not in a GTA mood right now

7 - Devil may cry - DMC3 was the best in the series, but 4 was very good too

8 - Resident Evil 4 in particular

9 - Half life series, no preference for any specific game

10 - Strategy games - AOE2, AOE3, CIV4 - My PC lags too much for me to play CIV5

11 - Uncharted series for the PS3 - UC2 is my favourite

12 - God of war series, for the PS2 and PS3 - GOW2 was my favourite

13 - Return to castle Wolfenstein

14 - Any pokemon game, up to the 4th generation

15 - The occasional Sims

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