Favourite Hitman 2 silent assassin level

For me it’s gotta be either Terminal hospitality or Basement killing but lemme know what you guys think. May aswell do a quick poll for best locations

  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Afghanistan
  • India

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I have to go with Malaysia because it really campures what 47 does very elegantly. How it all can flip around when you work in the criminal world where there are no roles. Just the consept that 47 have to make sure he got the right target is really where you get to see why 47 is the best Hitman. The music is also really what sells it:

And its a nice breakoff from the other missions :slight_smile:


For me, the missions in Russia have the best vibes. Love the disguises, the weapons, the targets, the music… Ugh. So good.

Basement killing and it’s follow up. Thought the whole concept was fantastic, and kind of hilarious.

This is still my fav game despite not having a briefcase. I liken it to h:2016.

Italy for sure. Anathema really holds up even now, and I love the aesthetics; while Russia and Malaysia are good, both have levels that are not very fun to play imo (Tubeway Torpedo and Graveyard Shift)

Anathema has that ledge that no one knew about. Which was… 3 games ahead of its time? Two? You don’t really have another ledge like that until Absolution (I think)

There are ledges in BM IIRC

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I know you can climb the wall in Colorado in BM. I don’t remember many more. But even if BM then the anathema ledge was 2 games ahead of its time which I put as a possibility.