Favourite Music in Hitman


Post your favourite hitman music piece and provide a link so others can listen

I’ll start this off

Global Innovation Race - Miami

Something about it is so damn cool. I literally don’t know why I love it so much!


These two are one of my favorites:

I linked the leaked Colombia music because I couldn’t find the original. But the part I mean is in the game aswell.


Apocalypse is pretty cool

If we’re talking Hitman 2, I like the scrapped track for Whittleton Creek, as well as WC’s soundtrack in itself.



The music right before going in the sapienza lap by the water is really damn good!!!


My brother was suggesting that the HITMAN games should use this from now on as a series End Credits theme like how “Extreme Ways” is used by the Bourne films.

I think that might be a good idea. The lyrics seem to talk a great deal about 47’s isolated life or his relationship with Diana and Lucas.


I can’t say it’s “The Best”, but it is quite special.

Ava Maria, from Blood Money.

Brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it. :disappointed_relieved:

eta: I know. It’s not “From”, but it is used IN… So… :confused:


Bow to true classic!