Favourite NPC of HITMAN 2


Season one had many npcs worth to remember.
Rocco was my favourite of all of them.
For Hitman 2 I can’t think of anyone who I can call a favourite npc. Maybe I need to play more to find out.
Who is your favourite npc of HITMAN 2?


the old man who yells at you if you’re on their lawn (Whittleton)


For me it is Florida Man. That dude is straight out of the music video for First Date by Blink 182… Video for first hand experience.


Alma Reynard
Whenever I replay that mission I first kill that ape of an Orson. And then I gently watch her as she gracefully moves through the house, a voice smooth as silk, legs to die for.
As she changes into her jammies I whisper wishes of sweet dreams, rich with milk and honey, as I gaze upon her behind the curtains that divide our worlds.
As she lays down to sleep I sit by her side, watching, listening, finding myself again in her soothing presence. I want to cuddle up next to her but the prompt does not appear.
I look out of the window. The grey sky envelops my loneliness. I hang my head and cry as I put a pillow over that delicate nose and sensual lips, a promise broken before it was made.

Other than that I have no clear preference no, this is just a video game, lol, get real man.


Don’t know if this include the sniper map. But if it does, I would say my favorite is the bodyguard who gets stuck in the maze. He doesn’t have any dialogs, but I found his movement makes him adorable. He keeps waving arms just so to make him more obvious to snipe.

And one side note, he can walk out normally if distracted by bullet impact outside of the maze, further impressing me. :slight_smile:


Gotta wait in line to become a Sean Three, Four or Five! Knowing she even has a soft side towards her family make me like her more, too!


Couldn’t pick just one

  1. Gregory Allen - I just think his commentary on the street food in Mumbai was really funny.

  2. The Hippie in the hotel in Santa Fortuna - The way he talks is hilarious.

  3. Jorge Franco - Probably the most interesting target in H2 in terms of behavior.

  4. Derek McInnes - Only for the picture taped to his back.

  5. Janus - I found it funny how he just randomly tells stories from his past to his guards

  6. Any NPC that has conversations with the political flyer guy


Anyone taking a shower


Flamingo mascot guy. I mean its a guy in a Flamingo suit. What else do you want?


Santa Clause bc he can teleport.


Alma - Because she is an unbelievably attractive woman

Florida Man - Because of his line about getting more “crystal” (sugar) for his coconut balls

The Bohemian/Hippy - I liked him in Hitman 2016, and I still like him in Hitman 2

Mark Faba the Undying - Just because I like Sean Bean as an actor

The gardener who tries to do pest control with explosives in Whittleton Creek - ‘Nuff said


the ghost of rocco’s sister


Sorry, what?! If this exists I’m gonna need help finding it.


Nah, it’s just a joke, hueheuhue



That initiate girl who gives us coins. I don’t have any idea why I like her.


I guess I’m only one who person doesn’t like Alma




Jesus Christ, Franz. I think you made me wet :joy:


As I read this the only thing I could think about was “Every Breath You Take” by The Police