Favourite NPC of HITMAN 2


Damn, she’s a cutie! Where is she? I never really explored Miami, so I’ve never seen her before


She is at the VIP lounge. If I remember right.


Yeah, she’s the cutest in Hitman, she’s in the VIP lounge drinking wine.

Hey Andrea, wanna go for a drink at the bar?


Rangan. He is so outrageously egotistical that it’s hilarious. Def my favorite character of Hitman 2.


True; he has made me laugh quite a few times. But, as 47 can say to Jordan Cross under the right circumstances, “A contract’s a contract.”


Looking at that 2nd image, if 47 is 6’, how tall would that make Andrea according to the image? I’m terrible at judging heights lol


I liked Rico Delgado. Reminds me of a couple of “rich unsavory characters” I’ve met in real life.

Love his humanizing scenes with P-Power and his obssession with expensive vehicles in the Submarine sequence.

The fact he keeps a Chilean Vintage in his collection to remind him of their family’s loss in Chile.

He strikes me as a good boss actually

Hector Delgado and Andrea’s little telenovela melodrama was also very entertaining for me.

Dawood Rangan is also hilarious.


What? Shouldn’t it be that he keeps a Chilean vintage to remind him of what he lost after Chile. Because AVY took place in Chile.

Yes. Every line he has is so well performed.


Yeah… Chile! Of course! Hahaha.

But yeah… I was thinking you could make a game or season all about these crazy Delgados and their outrageous Wild Carnivorous Hippo lifestyle…


They did it is called Scarface: The World Is Yours.


Yeah I played that game… but it got boring. Didn’t like the U-turn they put on Tony Montana… he was too much of a good guy in that game.

He actually swears off taking any drugs!


You do realise that if he continued taking drugs he would wind up getting to the point where he was blown away by heavy duty weaponry right?

Fine S:TWiY is a Pablo Ochoa game a Delgado game is GTA Vice City


I also soon felt the same issue I had with EA’s GODFATHER game… you are the boss that does everybody’s job…

Which is tiring… and repetitive.


I loved those Godfather games. I ran around impersonating Marlon Brando, Al Pachino and Joe Mantagna


My GODFATHER character ended up looking like an exact double of Vito Scaletta from MAFIA 2!


Vito is based on young Brando, I believe


I loved Mafia 2 I cranked up the volume and belted every time That’s Amore! came on the radio.


Too bad his character was a sleazeball…


Who Vito, The Godfather PC or Marlon Brando? All are sleazy in some way.


Vito in MAFIA 2… he had the weakest reason for joining organized crime.

He was too lazy to do actual work.

And he keeps listening to his bone headed friend Joe. Stupid enough to keep doing so even if following Joe is what landed him twice in jail.

Takes an oath to abide against the drug trade… does it anyway…

Very very bad person.