Feat not unlocking - Hitman 2 Marrakesh A House built on sand


Please see image. (As a new member I can only post one image but rest assured I have completed the mission stories too.) I have clearly done every challenge related to the feat that should have unlocked but it obviously hasn’t done so. I’m playing on steam. I’ve tried verifying cache files, uninstalling, playing on another PC and lowering settings to minimum. Anyone else got any ideas? It’s one of the last challenges in the game I’m yet to unlock and I’m trying to 100% this game

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Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

This seems to be a bug similar to the location discovery one, where progresses don’t count whenever you complete a mission story. Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Did you remember seeing a progress bar and a small image popped up on the top right corner of your screen when you completed a challenge/mission story?
  • Did you unlock the achievement “A Golden Opportunity” which is to complete all mission stories on AHBOS?

I suggest you to contact IOI employees like @Travis_IOI, they may be able to help you, cheers!

Edit: one added question: did you quit the mission and restart after you completed each challenge/mission story? Cause if you don’t enter the result page (where it shows you the challenge you unlock and your rating), it can become quite buggy.

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Thanks for replying. There was a progress counter after each objective, but it was always showing 1/9 complete. “A golden opportunity” has been unlocked. I may have loaded a couple of times during the sequence, but I was also doing the exit objectives at the same time, so I was completing the mission as I was going along. Hopefully this additional info helps.



I see. There is nothing I can help you though. Because in my playthrough, the challenge was unlocked as usual. Anyway, glad to further understand your situation, and don’t forget to contact supports from IOI. I hope your problems will be eventually solved! :slight_smile:



I have the same problem!



When it happened to me for Mission stories in Isle of Sgail the solution was to turn on Story Guides and do them again.

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Just tried that now. No luck. Challenge is really not wanting to unlock :frowning:



You can report it in HITMAN 2 Bug Thread…



I just did this entire thing on Xbox One like you and it’s just stuck at 1. Plus after every run through it says I’m “disconnected” from the server, but all my other achievements and unlocks save but this one doesn’t. To see if this affects others, I 100%ed The Icon and I got the mission mastery and the iconator unlock. I think this issue is only for a house built on sand. Also every single run through I did it complete all the way to the ending. Sometimes the notification bar would change from 1 to 2 but after the mission it would still be at 1



I actually did The Icon first and had no issues with it. I hope the devs read these forums as lots of people have posted about this so i reckon it needs to be fixed. I didn’t have any disconnection issues (although funnily enough I have had some since then which have since resolved themselves).



Same issue happens to me.



Same for me here. Did everything 100% and the mastery is stuck at 0/9…
Hope IOI will work on this for it to unlocK…



Same thing just happened to me. Any word on this yet?